2021 OPUS Mercedes-AMG Black EditionsSome time ago, OPUS Automative GmbH became the first tuner to upgrade a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series vehicle and boost its overall power output to 1111hp.

There haven't been any track tests, but we should note that this will be one of the fastest and most agile street-legal unmodded vehicles on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

There are two editions, called "OPUS Binary Editions" with 1111 and 1001hp and will be released for sale after some more demanding tests and then they will hit the famous track in order to prove their capabilities in a real-world setting. At the moment, the expected release date is in June, 2021.

2021 OPUS Mercedes-AMG Black Editions

What is interesting in this project in terms of technology, is that OPUS team will keep the torque output to the "bare minimum" in order to ensure the best traction and some extended engine longevity. In combination with the ex-works advanced dynamics, the performance remains an extraordinary one. In fact, OPUS also promises some similar characteristics to the NA engine with a linear performance curve and increasing power in parallel to the rpms.

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The team has also done some software remapping of the engine and transmission control unit, and has ensured some extensive changes to the hardware. These changes include modified turbochargers and a gearbox reinforcement set with forged pistons, reinforced connecting rods, machined cylinder heads and a new fuel system.

2021 OPUS Mercedes-AMG Black Editions