It is time for some drag racing, but not any kind of, but the real deal. Dragtimesinfo has published a video showing a mighty Porsche GT3 RS 9ff GT 1000 making some starts against 911 Evotech, Nissan GT-R EcuTek and GT-R AMS. The GT3 RS 9ff GT 1000 has (as you may suggest) a thousand HP, while the 911 Evotech has "just" 620HP. Nissan GT-R EcuTek Stage 2 boasts 700HP and the GT-R AMS Stage 2 has only 650HP.

The first start is against the 911 Evotech and after an awful start, the GT3 RS3 9ff GT 1000 managed to cross the finish line first with time of 28.160 seconds and terminal speed of 327 km/h.

The second start is versus GT-R EcuTek, which won the race with time – 25.922 seconds and terminal speed of 313.58 km/h.

The third start is versus the other Nissan – the GT-R AMS. It lost the battle win time of 26.967 seconds and speed of 314.68 km/h.

The last start is again versus the 911 Evotech and again the GT3 RS3 9ff GT 1000 won, but with best time and terminal speed of all races – 26.276 seconds and speed of 337.07 km/h.

Enjoy the video!

Source: Dragtimesinfo