2019 POSAIDON Mercedes-Benz G-ClassAlthough it doesn't come with dramatic design change, new G-Class features a fine drivetrain system and tons of additional feature that do make a huge difference, compared to the predecessor models. Additionally, the sporty version, Mercedes-AMG G 63, brings even bigger numbers to the streets – the latest AMG project features a 4.0-liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 585hp.

However, POSAIDON team, who specializes in performance optimization of Mercedes-Benz and AMG machines, has brought new G 63 to the next level.

2019 POSAIDON Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The most notable improvement is done to the overall power output – thanks to the engineers, the vehicle now delivers the massive 830hp and 1,100Nm by applying software upgrades. Furthermore, the 2.5-tonn luxury off-roader can reach a speed of 100km/h in mere 4.2 seconds and chase a top speed of 250km/h.

In fact, POSAIDON team has put some effort not only in electronics, but also in hardware. The revised G-Class machine includes upgrades to both OEM turbochargers and forged high-performance pistons and high-performance pistons and high-pressure fuel pumps. On top, there are new exhaust manifolds and downpipes with sports catalytic converters. All these inserts and changes result on this titanic power upgrade and efficient distribution via POSAIDON's exclusive engine and transmission software tweaks.

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Lastly, POSAIDON has done some changes to the power display in the AMG menu of the on-board computer. By applying these changes, passengers can see the exact power and torque values produced by the vehicle at any time, providing clear picture to its true power.

2019 POSAIDON Mercedes-Benz G-Class


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