2019 Kia "Imagine by Kia"Kia Motors reveals its all-electric concept car, "Imagine by Kia" at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show.

What is special about this one is that it is a visual embodiment of Kia's desire to move forward in the world of electrification. Unlike other award-winning brand models, "Imagine by Kia" is underpinned by a low-mounted, induction-charged battery pack that ensures enough power for the drivetrain.

The machine also features Kia's iconic "tiger nose" grille and bold new illuminated "tiger mask" that encircles the main LED headlamps Separated by horizontal lines, the dipped and main beam units are housed with a single block of clear acrylic glass, which creates the effect of piercing eyes that float free of visible support.

2019 Kia "Imagine by Kia"

There's also a single sheet of glass, used for both the windscreen and roof flows from the base of the A-pillar and over the cabin in order to create a large sky-window that enhances both passenger driving experience and overall premium expression of the car.

The wheels also contribute to the visual expression. Each of the 22-inch alloy wheels features four flush inserts of transparent acrylic glass, polished at the front and diamond cross-cut at the back that reflects and refracts light, much like a cut diamond. These wheels are wrapped by Goodyear 255/35 R22 intelligrip EV concept tires.

The one notable feature that makes this concept vehicle stand out from the rest is the set of 21 individual ultra high-resolution screens that curve their synchronized way across the top of the dashboard in a layout that is both casual and co-ordinated.

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In fact, the cabin's ambience is enhanced by the floating central console that hovers independently above the low and flat floor. The doors are swatched in a metallic fabric and leather, visually splitting the cabin into two distinctive upper and lower levels. In fact, the versatility of the all-electric architecture has enabled Kia team to create this open and spacious interior for passengers, which would bring the feeling of de-cluttered rather than de-contented, in Kia engineers' own words.

2019 Kia "Imagine by Kia"

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