Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (i-ACC) is the world's first predictive cruise control system which is going to be introduced by Honda. Its debut will be on the European market Honda CR-V this year.

After studying how drivers in Europe perform, the Honda team of professionals created a ground-breaking system which uses a camera and a millimeter wave radar to monitor the position of other vehicles on the road. Thanks to the application of a specially developed algorithm, the i-ACC is able to predict the likelihood of vehicles in neighboring lanes, thus allowing the equipped vehicle to have a quicker, safer and more comfortable reaction in case the other vehicle cuts in from a neighboring lane.

Honda states that "traditional ACC systems keep a preselected longitudinal velocity, which is only reduced for maintaining a safe distance to a car in front. However, if a vehicle cuts-in from a neighboring lane, the traditional ACC system reacts later thus requiring stronger braking."

In addition to this, it takes exactly five seconds for the new Honda Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control system to detect the possibility of such cut-in before it actually occurs. Moreover, the system is designed in a manner which enables it to respond very smoothly without alarming the driver, who still might not be aware of the upcoming cut-in. In a situation like this one, the i-ACC system uses a mild brake, with an icon showing up on the driver display. It informs the driver why a slow-down happens. After this instant warning, it applies a stronger brake to adapt the speed so that the vehicle can keep a safe distance.

Source: Honda