Ram continues the "King of the Hill" heavy-duty battle with the introduction of the 2016 Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickups. The confident leaders now continue to expand and upgrade. Furthermore, the Ram 2500 is a leader in this class battle for economy with the special 3.0 EcoDiesel V6 engine. The unit provides 240 horsepower and 420 lb-ft.

And now Ram engineers created a special hard-hitting fuel delivery with a turbo boost calibrator fo the 6.7-Liter I-6 diesel, that comes with extra 35 lb-ft of torque. The improvement Ram's title from 565 to 900 lb-ft of torque. This number is actually achieved for the first time in a mass-production vehicle.

ram As you know, the previous heavy-duty truck winner was the 3500 model at 30,000 pounds. But now the 2016 Ram 3500 raises that stat to 31,210, which makes further distancing rival by more than two tons. And in order to handle the increased capacity, Ram engineers added 4 more bolts to the rear axle ring gear and now they are 16. This means, that the truck can easily handle the new 11.8-inch axle. And the heavy duty materials and stronger components ensure a long-term durability. Big, strong, and capable of dominating every terrain. What more would people want from such a vehicle?

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