Renault-Concept-Teaser-mediumLadies and gentlemen, this is how you tease a product without defacto showing it. No, this is not a CGI student's course project, but it's not the real thing either. It's supposed to be, however, an up-and-coming Renault concept car.

The New Delhi Motorshow kicks off in one week's time and whatever this turns out to be is supposed to represent the "brand's ambitions for new markets". Are we being forced to assume that if this thing gets into production, it will rival the Tata Nano in such respects as affordability, simplicity and compactness?

Well, the concept (or what we see of it) sure doesn't look simple. And what's with the nano quadrotor thing (the correct term for these demonic mecha-wasps)? It's a concept, though, so we shouldn't act so shocked that they want to wow us.

What we did manage to pick up from the 22-second clip, is that those wheels have sort of borrowed the design of the wheels on the Renault Frendzy. These ones seem a lot smaller though. That's why our money is on a funky city car.

For the rest we'll just have to wait and see.

Video Source: Renault via YouTube