Kangoo Compact Concept is a compact, robust leisure utility vehicle that boasts an original design and unprecedented proportions. Its affable style is straight out of the fresh, modular world of Kangoo. What really sets it apart is its two-tone, three-door body, and extraordinary glazed surface area, while its unique Fireball Orange and Brushed Aluminium colour scheme highlight its generous curves.Less than four metres long, Kangoo Compact Concept is in its element in towns and cities. Yet it is always ready to head for the open air and whisk its driver and three passengers away to the great outdoors. Its rugged all-terrain look is emphasised by a ride height that has been raised 200mm, and chunky 19-inch aluminium wheels with five bluetinged translucent spokes. Its young, energetic personality asserts itself through its highperformance LED headlamp and indicator units, which hint at the world of roller-skating. With its conveniently removable rear-section roof, the Kangoo Compact Concept can carry bulky equipment or simply give its occupants the chance to enjoy an open-air drive. Once the hinged roof-flap has been removed and the electrically-controlled rear screen has slid out of sight, the wide blue yonder beckons.

Because responsibility and respect for the environment matter to its users, Kangoo Compact Concept is powered by a 1.5 dCi 105 engine compliant with Euro IV standards and equipped with a particulate filter. With 240Nm of torque generated from 2,200rpm, the 105hp [78 kW] powertrain is an excellent solution for short urban trips and longer journeys on the open road.

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A four-seater sitting-room on wheels

Kangoo Compact Concept's cabin provides passengers with an astonishing living space, a legacy from its elder sister Kangoo. The playful, sporty, refined interior, with its astute blend of Skate Blue leather and techno-look Aluminium Grey 3D mesh fabric, topped off with a few splashes of Tonic Orange, really makes its occupants feel at home.

The dashboard combines softly rounded volumes and curved lines with transparent, slipproof silicone material silicon, borrowed from the roller-skating world. The navigation screen, compass, and other controls that might be useful to people out for a drive are all located in the central console, very much in the Touch Design spirit that is so dear to Renault. Additional sporty touches include the steering wheel's slip-proof cladding, blue and fluorescent orange liquid fuel and water gauges, and the speedometer, which incorporates a manual speed limiter as well as a blue zone representing the speed range of a person on roller skates, i.e. 0 to 80kph.

Kangoo Compact Concept boasts numerous functions for motorists who like family outings or getting together with friends. The tailgate has a lower panel that opens out to 45° and 90° - very convenient for putting on your roller skates (which the car is preequipped with) or for two people to sit down on. Seat positions are adjustable using an ergonomically designed electric finger-roll control shaped like a roller skate wheel. The seats slide forward so that the rear bench seat can swivel through 180°C to make full use of all the space in the car and – a very practical feature – so that passenger can get into the vehicle through the tailgate.

Spare roller skate wheels and other accessories can be stowed in the purpose-built bins in the side panels, which frees up space in the cabin. In keeping with the skating spirit, Kangoo Compact Concept exudes youth and dynamism, emphasised by two translucent blue side waves made from plexiglass and a stylish, metal mesh floor shaped like a half pipe.

A new approach to light Kangoo Compact Concept's generous interior space is highlighted by the brightly lit ambience in which it bathes. Its panoramic windscreen is supplemented by a glass roof and a retractable rear roof flap and rear screen. The wide sweep of its windows lets the light shine in, creating a bright, warm feel, while also affording occupants a panoramic view of the road.

The rear roof flap and rear screen can be folded away in just a few seconds to make room for bulky objects or simply to enjoy a ride in the open air. The removable roof feature is unique. It is ideal for people with fast lifestyles who like having fun with friends and are always keen to try out new experiences.