Renault Zoe is exhibited at the Paris Motor Show. It is a Clio-sized car, which show the brand new identity of Renault, including the new front-end signature. ZOE is created specially to test the electric power system, which features fully-integrated battery and compact motor. It is B-segment car, which means that ZOE has spacious interior, a lot of luggage compartment, nice and easy handling and last, but not least – look from the feature.

Some of the extras of ZOE are the climate control system incorporating humidity level adjustment, a tpxocoty sensor for cleaner cabin air, an active relaxing or stimulating scent diffuser and light therapy thanks to light emitted by the central display screen.

If you still think that ZOE is not good enough just continue. The vehicle is powered by 60kW (80hp) electric motor, which has a mighty torque of 222Nm and accelerates ZOE to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds and has a top speed of 135km/h (84mph). Despite of the characteristics, still the car is able to run up to 160km (100 miles) on a single charge. Impressively, the battery can give out another 37 miles after just 10-minutes of plug-in time, with an 80 percent charge being achieved after 30 minutes.

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Renault ZOE Preview - Technical Specification

Standard rims (inches) 7 J 19
Length (mm) 4,086
Width (mm) 1,788
Height (mm) 1,540
Wheelbase (mm) 2,575
Front track (mm) 1,578
Rear track (mm) 1,578
Front overhang (mm) 815
Rear overhang (mm) 696
Kerb weight (kg) 1,392
Tyres Specific Michelin tyres 205/45R19 (1)
Boot volume (dm3) (VDA) 292
Type Electric
Transmission Direct drive with reducer and forward/reverse inverter
Power EEC (kW/hp) 60/80
Torque EEC (Nm) 222
Type Lithium-ion
NEDC combined cycle range 100 miles
Power steering Electric, variable rate
Turning circle (between kerbs) (m) 10.35
Parking brake Electric
Aerodynamic coefficient (CdA) 0.29
Top speed 84 mph
0-62 mph (s) 8.1