2021 Arese RH95 Touring Superleggera 95th AnniversaryThe legendary Italian styling house Touring Superleggera is celebrating its 95th anniversary and marks the occasion with a showcase of an elegant two-seat coupe, named Arese RH95.

The vehicle will premiere during the Salon Privé week.

During the years, the company has enjoyed numerous highlights at Salon Privé, having displayed the Bentley Flying Star and the award-winning Disco Volante, and back in 2014, was given the Best Concept Car of the Year for its MINI Superleggera Vision. Also, last year, Touring Superleggera used the elegant backdrop of Blenheim Palace to introduce the Aero 3, based on the Alfa 8C 2900 Le Mans Berlinetta.

The exclusive design will share many elements with the Touring predecessors and will showcase elegant curves and balanced proportions. Furthermore, the vehicle expresses a touch of dramatism with its scissor-hinged doors, bright aluminum side-slash, elegant waistline inspired by the Disco Volante.

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All units of the Touring Arese RH95 will be built around the drivetrain of a well-known exotic car, whose active dynamic has been engineered to handle the new body and specifications, to ensure performance and efficiency.0

Based in Milan, Touring Superleggera specializes in exclusive projects, and over the past decade, it has created everything from the Tornante supercar for Gumpert to the four-seater Maserati-based Sciàdipersia Coupé. It also has a restoration department that ensures Touring-bodied cars are rebuilt to exacting standards of authenticity.

2021 Arese RH95 Touring Superleggera 95th Anniversary