Seat will participate with a wide range of vehicle models in the legendary GTI Meet in the Austrian state of Kärnten from 16th to 19th May. There the company will show six particularly fiery variants of the Leon, Ibiza and, for the first time, the Seat Mii FR.

First, Ibiza SC Trophy and the Leon Super Copa will mark the sporty headline Seat's display, while the Seat Mii FR will make its world debut.

Seat Ibiza CUPRA Concept will be the star of the event. The model was designed in accordance with the brand's new Visual Identity - is the Ibiza CUPRA Concept. It represents a new-generation super-sporty SEAT and its debut was just recent –at the Auto China in Beijing.

The vehicle is propelled with 1.4 TSI power unit which delivers 180 hp (132 kW). In addition, what distinguishes the car is its Spice yellow paintwork that contrasts with gloss-black exterior mirrors and 17-inch wheels with red brake callipers shimmering through the spokes.

Seat Ibiza CUPRA Concept

Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept, 1 of 18Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept, 2 of 18Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept, 3 of 18Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept, 4 of 18Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept, 5 of 18Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept, 6 of 18Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept, 7 of 18Seat Ibiza Cupra Concept, 8 of 18

Next come the Seat Ibiza FR and Seat Leon CUPRA R which are two exceptional vehicles made in individual design. Both are painted in Nevada white color and include a host of extras from the SEAT accessory range.

Ibiza FR rides on 17-inch wheels in black finish and polished silver. It also comes equipped with exterior mirrors and brake callipers painted in red, and an enlarged rear spoiler. The interior is all dominated by red accents.

Seat Ibiza FR

Seat Ibiza FR , 1 of 5Seat Ibiza FR , 2 of 5Seat Ibiza FR , 3 of 5Seat Ibiza FR , 4 of 5Seat Ibiza FR , 5 of 5

On the other hand, the Leon CUPRA R has glossy black rims that contrast perfectly with the white paintwork. Additionally, it includes red brake calliper nestling behind the wheel. The interior here is dominated by trim pieces in black piano lacquer.

Seat Leon CUPRA R

2012 Seat Leon CUPRA R, 1 of 22012 Seat Leon CUPRA R, 2 of 2

Seat Mii FR is the model which will make a debut at the event. Its exterior is painted in Tornado red, which gives the car more powerful stance. The great color is complemented by the black applications on the wheel arches, additional spoiler accent and black 16-inch aluminium wheels.

Moreover, red and black elements can also be found on the cockpit. The sports seat with fully integrated head restraint comes with distinctive red FR lettering.

Seat Mii FR

Seat Mii FR , 1 of 5Seat Mii FR , 2 of 5Seat Mii FR , 3 of 5Seat Mii FR , 4 of 5Seat Mii FR , 5 of 5

At last but not least, Seat Ibiza SC Trophy and Seat Leon Super Copa are the cars which will compete in the race track. They will be shown at the Wörthersee festival, where the people can enjoy their special grey paint finish and wheels, mirrors and roll cage in fluorescent orange.

First, the Ibiza SC Trophy comes with 180 hp (132 kW) from its 1.4 TSI power unit under the bonnet. It is mounted to a 7-speed DSG transmission. The latter is shifted from the steering wheel, as on the series-production model, while a locking differential guarantees amazing traction.

What is more here is that the engine comes with a modified oil sump, a mighty brake system and racing suspension. The model runs on 18-inch wheels housed under flared wheel arches.

Seat Ibiza SC Trophy

Seat Ibiza SC Trophy, 1 of 3Seat Ibiza SC Trophy, 2 of 3Seat Ibiza SC Trophy, 3 of 3

The second racing car is Seat Leon Super Copa which is a representation of the more senior league of SEAT Motorsport. In fact, this vehicle is based on its sibling racer from the WTCC, and more than 250 units of this model have already been built.

More importantly, the cup car is powered by an optimized version of the 2.0-litre TSI engine from the Leon CUPRA R. The modification of the engine results in the production of the outstanding 300 hp (221 kW) at a maximum torque of 340 Nm. The engine is mated to a a six-speed DSG transmission and has mechanically locking differential to the front wheels.

Seat Leon Super Copa

Seat Leon Super Copa , 1 of 6Seat Leon Super Copa , 2 of 6Seat Leon Super Copa , 3 of 6Seat Leon Super Copa , 4 of 6Seat Leon Super Copa , 5 of 6Seat Leon Super Copa , 6 of 6

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