Electric vehicles have long been on the periphery as a growing technology, and as a sustainable choice for our environment. Yet the lack of knowledge about how they work and function has left possible buyers wary of researching further, when an electric vehicle may mean incredible savings. For the 2015 year, it is obvious that more and more of the largest automobile manufacturers are engineering great electric vehicles that you should totally keep on your radar if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

One of the best selling points for an electric vehicle is the inevitable amount of money you will save in gas fees. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has done the research, and predicted that on average, an electric car costs $3.74 worth of electricity to run for 100 miles. In comparison, a conventional car will cost around $13.36. Though these numbers will vary by your individual needs, the difference of $9.62 which could add up to some serious savings over the course of your ownership.

You could look at that previous factoid and think to yourself, "That's great, but electric cars cost more, so the savings are nullified." Not so fast! Electric cars are increasingly becoming more and more affordable, and competitive with their conventional sedan counterparts, so the savings stay. On top of that, the federal government offers a tax credit of up to $7,500, in an effort to encourage drivers to drive electric cars and reduce their emissions. Furthermore, there are additional incentives offered at a local level. With the potential for massive savings, an electric car is not any more expensive than a conventional sedan.

Electric cars also need less maintenance than their fuel-filled counterparts do. Electric vehicles have ten-times fewer moving parts, so essentially they are a much more simple machine. There is no transmission, engine, valves, spark plugs, tailpipe, fuel tank, starter, distributor, catalytic converter, muffler or clutch – so there is less that can possibly go wrong.

Regardless of the potential for incredible financial savings, an electric car is also a responsible choice. The choices you make now will affect your children and grand children, and if you want to begin contributing towards a better environment for them, consider an electric vehicle as your chosen vehicle. Not only will it offer incredible savings over the years that you drive it, it is also an environmentally responsible choice.

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