2015-Ford-Mustang-Sienna-Miller-Spot-mediumA timeless commercial formula: women plus cars make the world go round. Or is that just us being dizzy?

It's not all unapologetic marketing though. You have the ridiculously gorgeous British actress/model/fashion designer Sienna Miller next to an American icon (which, apparently, has an American accent): the 2015 Ford Mustang . Isn't that a metaphorical bridge between two continents that have been wedged by the Atlantic for far too long? A symbol of unity and globalization, tolerance and cooperati...okay, it's shameless marketing all the way.

Just look at it. Things get steamy pretty quickly. I recall thinking while watching : "Did that volume knob really need such sensual treatment?... Are we really going to go with the hand-brake shot? Ok...Gotta check that make up in the mirror, very important!... Really, Ford! Just give the woman the keys and let her drive!"

Wonder how many feminists punched a wall after seeing that.

P.S. - you know you spend too much time with cars when you flinch at the nonchalant kick (0:28th mark) or think: "That's going to leave fingerprints" (circa 0:37th mark).

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Video source: fordeurope via YouTube