Škoda Auto has today issued its 2007/2008 Sustainability Report. The document is a third report describing the environmentally-friendly and socially responsible policies of the Czech Republic's largest car manufacturer.

The Report consists of three basic parts as required by the relevant sustainability report methodology, i.e., Financial, Social and Environmental sections, and presents key indicators in each of these three pillars.

The 2007/2008 Sustainability Report has been made in two languages, Czech and English.

The Company's Sustainability Report has also been issued in printed form, but the number of copies  is limited. The production of the hardcopies was mainly based on the use of natural and completely recyclable materials and the final assembly of the CD version was done in Škoda Auto's sheltered workshop.

"We at Škoda Auto consider environmental protection very important, and can substantiate this statement with tangible results. It is not only the much-discussed reduction of emissions of CO2 and other contaminants generated by cars, it's mainly about environmentally-friendly production processes, environmentally-friendly procedures involved in new investments, socially responsible policies, and much more. As the Company has made considerable progress in this respect, we have decided to describe our achievements in this Sustainability Report," said Škoda Auto BOD Chairman Reinhard Jung.