Skoda retailers have opened their doors for orders of the brand new Yeti. Customers can now place orders for the Czech manufacturer's new crossover vehicle, six weeks ahead of its official on-sale date of 17 September 2009.

For those customers eager to track down a Yeti there is even more good news. Insurance ratings have been secured and they make great reading for stretched family budgets.

The entry-level 1.2 (105bhp) Yeti E has been granted insurance rating 3E – with the same rating given to the next trim step, Yeti S – making Yeti affordable for many family buyers.

The highest rating is just 9E for the 2.0 TDI (170bhp) Elegance 4x4 and 1.8 TSI (160bhp) Elegance 4x4 models. The full insurance ratings for the entire Yeti range are detailed below:

Petrol engines Trim level 20 Rating
1.2 (105bhp) E 3E
S 3E
Elegance 4E
1.8 TSI (160bhp) SE 4x4 8E
Elegance 4x4 9E
Diesel engines Trim level 20 Rating
2.0 TDI (110bhp) E 4E
S 4E
S 4x4 4E
SE 4x4 4E
Elegance 4E
Elegance 4x4 4E
2.0 TDI (140bhp) SE 4x4 6E
Elegance 4x4 6E
2.0 TDI (170bhp) Elegance 4x4 9E

Warren Richards, Product Marketing Manager at Škoda UK, comments: "As the manufacturer of happy drivers it's important that we secure low insurance ratings to contribute to lower insurance premiums for our customers. Our low insurance ratings, combined with great prices and Škoda's legendary high levels of specification, means that Yeti will be an attractive option for UK family drivers who are looking to get great value for money from their car purchase."

Priced from just £13,750 and available with a choice of five engines, Yeti is a true crossover vehicle that combines the strengths of a traditional 4x4 with the practicality and low running costs of a hatchback. Adding the practicality of frugal fuel consumption and low emissions to Škoda's great value, pocket-friendly insurance ratings and family-friendly touches - it's clear why Škoda is the manufacturer of happy drivers.

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