Mercedes SL 600 received a special tuning package from Chicago tuner Speedriven. The staggering thing about it is that the roadster will go on Natural Gas.

2007 SL600 Mercedes-Benz roadster is powered by 5.5 liter twin-turbo V12 delivering 811PS (597 kW) and 1354Nm (1000 lb-ft). It does a 1/4 mile in just 10 seconds.

However, the world record for the fastest CNG-powered car is still held by Hohenester Audi A4 tuned to 710 (522 kW), which hit 364.6 km/h (226.55 mph) in 2009.

The goal of Speedriven is to hit 386 km/h (240 mph) with ther "green" roadster.

"I admit it. I'm a horsepower addict. I love speed, I love power, and I love my Mercedes-Benz," says Bernie Towns, the owner of the unique Mercedes.

source: worldcarfans