If you've missed your chance of sitting behind the wheel of the strictly limited, sleek Ford Focus RS500, don't blame yourselves, because Stoffler, the Germany-based performance expert has released an extraordinary program for the Ford Focus RS, which boosts its output figures to the striking 356 horsepower (268 kW), outstripping the RS500 ones with 6 hp.

The skilled specialists at Stoffler have achieved these stunning results via an ECU optimization, improved intercooler and fuel pump, as well as downpipe and suction pipe. In addition to that, the smart performance pack is MOT certificated and is priced at only 2900 Euro, including VAT.

Aimed at transforming the athletic Ford Focus RS into a pure-blooded sports ride, Stoffler didn't stop here. They also prepared three different exhaust units for its Focus RS conversion - the in-house Stoffler engineered stainless steel sport exhaust with remote-control (2300 Euro), the CSC exhaust unit (1280 Euro) and the Milltek module (990 Euro).

Upon a request, Stoffler RS 1 can be further equipped with 200-cell sport catalytic converters for 985 Euro and GGR Sport Air Filter (695 Euro) or GGR Carbon Air Filter (895 Euro).

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