2015 Ferrari FXX KThe FXX K was officially unveiled at the Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi and it is the result of the cooperative work by Ferrari's GT and the GES racing divisions. This incredible and extreme model is built and available only for track use.  It was especially forged with unseen aerodynamic and engine efficiency . Interesting fact is that this car won the first prize for design and not for its performance. Curious, right?

The Ferrari Styling Centre team has created an absolute masterpiece, in which every single line of the design serves not just for aesthetic purpose, but for boosting the performance. The crushing design is entirely a product of hand-made-work, personally done by the Ferrari engineers and aerodynamic specialists. Every single panel is greatly redesigned to bring an extra downforce, but without lowering the high standards of body aesthetics.

For instance, take a look at the put on top of vertical rear fins, that recall the tails of fighter panels. The fins are specially placed on the top wing, so it enchant the dynamic shape and aerodynamic abilities. And the LED stripes are definitely and eye-catcher. They replace the conventional headlights and broaden the front of the car. The lines add extra aggressive look, that, combined with the crushing design and looks brings us such a beauty of performance, that only the Ferrari team is able to deliver.

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