Batman movies have always been known for two things: with the one of the most popular badass characters and for his vehicles, known as Batmobiles. And it is a sort of a tradition to demonstrate a new kind of Batmobile with every new Batman movie. And now, for the latest release, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, we see yet another stunning piece of art. We all have seen only single shots of the vehicle, but today the latest Batmobile made a big public debut at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

Throughout the years we have seen all kind of stylish, yet extremely powerful and capable of numerous tricks machines, but the latest model really demonstrates  some aggression and  a stance, that shows, that the car is ready to fight with everything and everyone, that happens to be in front of it. The aggressive looks is further boosted with the two big guns at the front, the loads of armor, the semi-exposed front wheel. It looks like the director had some influence of the Christopher Nolan's trilogy, which included a massive and also aggressive-looking Batmobile.

The shots also reveal the inside of the vehicle. The interior really looks like a spaceships with all the buttons, knobs and controllers. The wheel looks really special and complicated with its shape and the numerous buttons. We all hope, that Batman can deal with such a drive system.

As you know, this movie will be a special one, because it will demonstrate an epic battle between two of the most popular and loved superheroes: Batman and Superman. We hope, that we will like the movie as we liked the latest Batmobile.

The film is scheduled to premiere on March 25, 2016.

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Source: The LA Times

Video Source: YouTube