Somewhere along the car-purchasing road, buyers were somehow convinced that to get more you have to pay more. The new Nissan Xterra might not be the newest 4x4 to hit the market, but it still delivers an amazing punch and offers car buyers everything they are looking for in a car -- and then some. Initially slated to give the Toyota 4Runner and Jeep Cherokee a run for their money, it has collected a following that is still loyal today.

The newest model of the Nissan Xterra is a lot more "grand" than previous models. Designed without harsh edges like what you'd see on modern SUVs and trucks, it is more like a Land Rover than anything else. The Xterra is an SUV that looks like nothing else. With its unassuming look, it captures the imaginations of car buyers who are tired of the flash and technology that not many people want or use but pay a whole lot for.

The new Xterra model comes with basic climate controls and an independent front suspension that takes a little of the "ride" out of your ride. It's not an excellent off-road vehicle -- not because it can't take the abuse, but because your body takes a little more of a beating with the less-than-smooth ride. The best part of the Xterra is that you can pick up a new or used one for very little money, which is why they continue to be a huge favorite. Typically featuring seating for four, it is the perfect day excursion vehicle, with most older models costing less than $3,000.

 The 2017 model

The new 2017 version has been upgraded to match other car manufacturers. With a crossover design, you get all the functionality of an SUV without the oversized nature of one. A bold and chunky bumper comes equipped with a single fog light on both sides to create a grander and more aggressive look, which can capture the imagination of any adventurer who wants to head out on the trails. Made entirely of chrome detail work, the grille and the latticework stand out and continue throughout the underside of the automobile.

An upgraded engine under the hood

Overhead the camshaft powerful V6 engine churns a maximum of 261 horsepower and over 281 torque pound-feet. That is an upgrade from previous models, which gives the new Xterra enough aggression to make it on any excursion that you set out on. The best part is that the upgrades will cost you nothing in mileage capacity.

The inside cabin

With most manufacturers trying to up their game in luxury and technology, the Xterra did what it could to keep pace, but not to outprice itself to the consumer. With a clear and unencumbered interior, the instruments, dials, and displays are anything but high-end; however, they do the trick and provide a simplified style that doesn't overwhelm your brain with too many functions that you don't need and probably won't ever use.

The 5.8-inch touchscreen display is plenty for the driver, as is the infotainment system; it isn't top-of-the-line, but it's no slouch either. You get all the things you want without paying the high price for what you don't. It has the technology built in to stream Bluetooth and Pandora, and has USB ports to make sure that you can stay fully connected.

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It also comes with the old-fashioned AM/FM/CD player -- which might be a thing of the past for some manufacturers, but the buyers of the Xterra is different. They aren't looking to upgrade everything; they just want a simple car that has all they need, and the interior of the new Xterra delivers

Finally, the cabin room provides enough for passengers to stretch out and enjoy some legroom. The back seat also has plenty of space for the weekend warrior.

The Xterra might not be the new kid on the block or the fanciest car out there, but what it does deliver is a consistent ride without all the bells and whistles that most people might want but never use. A steady performer, the Xterra will find its niche in the crossover world as the vehicle that delivers quality without a high finance bill.