An integral part in the movies since day one, the car crashes have always been one of the greatest sources of thrill and excitement for the crowd, showcasing astonishing metal on metal stunts and impossibly huge explosions! Here we present our top-five chart, in which we have picked the most pioneering crashes done with muscle rides, including scenes from movie productions from the early 70s till nowadays.

Our choice begins with the 1973 movie "The Seven Up", starring the great Roy Scheider, who chases the bad guys in unique ways. We have picked up this movie, because of its last scene, where the character of Scheider is going after the villain. Of course if you compare it to the movies nowadays, it's not so spectacular, but if you take into consideration the year in which it was made – then it is absolutely spectacular! The unexpected and "stunned" end of the chaise will for sure make every one in the theatre having goose bumps! Well done!

The Seven Ups

The next place in our Top 5 goes to the film "Death Proof". Made in old fashion manner the 2007 masterpiece of Tarantino got our attention because it's realistic and thrilling scene. And although it begins very merry, in contrast it ends terrifically shocking with the depiction of a gruesome crash! See for yourself!

Death Proof

The first chase scene from the movie "Mad Max", starring Mel Gibson, filmed in the remote past (1979) has got a place in our chart, not only because of this one crash but also because of the multiple crashes included in it! Moreover the director- George Miller, has made of this film, frankly speaking, a big automotive destruction.

Mad Max

As we go further into the chart, we have a much newer film, made in the most recent years. Of course, we can't go without "Fast and Furious"! In the part that we have picked, the character of Vin Diesel challenges Paul Walker to make one last final race. So special here, as you can also see, are the almost unbelievable obstacles that both character meet in their way. And if you wonder what is happening in the movie and you still haven't watched, may be now it's the perfect time to do it!

Fast and the Furious

Last but not least is to put highlight on "Gone in 60 Seconds". However, if you want to see Angelina Jolie, we have to disappoint you, because we have chosen the original film, made in 1974! What make the movie so interesting are not only the cars and the awesome act in it, but also the fact that it was unscripted film! Can you believe it!

Gone in 60 seconds (1974)

Source: YouTube