2016 Toyota Prius First Teaser2016 Toyota Prius will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This announcement just got published by Toyota officials next to a teaser image of the hybrid car. If it wasn't for the new technology, which is also eco-friendly, I probably wouldn't pay that much attention. But this is definitely news, since one of the most popular hybrid vehicles is going to get a thorough change. Or we at least expect to see one.

What Does Toyota Promise?

Of course, the new generation Prius will sport a striking look, supported by better driving dynamics (something lacking in the current generation). In addition, the fuel economy of the car will be even more impressive and will "challenge what you know about hybrids," as Toyota says.

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What's New Frankfurt?

In Frankfurt we will also see the global debut of the second Toyota C-HR Concept hybrid crossover. So, this means that Toyota stand will be overtaken by eco-friendly vehicles and like-minded people. How cool is that!

When is the Market Debut of 2016 Prius?

Toyota said that we should expect the fourth-generation Prius in showrooms in the first quarter of next year.

How Hybrids Can Change the World?

That's an interesting question, right? Let me start a little bit farther. Since the introduction of Prius in 1997, Toyota has sold more than eight million hybrid vehicles globally. The most recent one-million sales took just 10 months. And back in 1997 Toyota sold just 300 hybrids.

In other words, this means that these hybrid vehicles owners around the world have saved 22 million kilolitres of petrol, which is enough to fill 8,800 Olympic swimming pools. This also equates to around $26.4 billion dollars, which were saved. Even better, the environment has also benefited. The latest Toyota figures reveal that its hybrid vehicles have saved about 58 million tons of CO2 emissions!

I personally can't wait to see the birth of 2016 Prius, because it makes a leap forward in changing the world!

Source: Toyota