Volkswagen California Volkswagen California has been just unveiled and it is based on the T6 model variant. There is something charming about vans carrying the VW badge up front, isn't it? It reminds me of the famous hippie days filled with freedom and excitement about the new era ahead. This Volkswagen California actually brings back a little bit the spirit of those days.

The company is launching it in three equipment lines, namely Beach, Coast and Ocean. It range now includes new TDI and TSI engines, which use less fuel and feature engine start-stop as standard. In addition, Volkswagen has also added modern infotainment and assistance systems as well as DCC chassis.

Volkswagen California Beach

It starts with the California Beach offers space for up to seven-occupants and five beds. It is quipped as standard with a manual pop-top and two different layouts. Precisely, these are two-deck seat with storage compartment or three-seat folding bench with multiflex board.

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The interior is cozy, features integrated blinds for the front seats and removable picnic table in the sliding door. At the rear the seats are folding as well.

Volkswagen California Coast

Volkswagen California Coast adds a pop-top and a furniture line with aluminum and light wood accents. It offers seating or five persons, and there is even kitchen in the back. It features stainless steel sink, 42 liter cool box with insert basket and two burner gas stoves with piezo ignition. There is also a lot of space for the storage allowing a comfortable life even on extended trips.

Volkswagen California Ocean

The third trim is called California Ocean. This one features extremely extensive standard equipment. For instance, here we have auxiliary heating, Climatronic, double glazing and pop-up roof. In fact, the latter is operated electro-hydraulically and rises and falls with the touch of ones fingertips. There is also new dimmable LED lighting in the pop-up roof and the tailgate.

One of the best features in the Volkswagen California series is the addition of the multifunctional interior and built-in accessories, and folding double beds. Everything is featured in the copact dimensions of 1.99 meters of height.

Moreover, the special treatment in these series is visible through small details in the rear area like the cup holder, ashtray holder and towel rail. In addition, the integrated accessories such as camping chairs and table can be stored space savingly.

Engine Range

Based on the T6, the vehicle also gets driver assistance systems, latest infotainment with "App Connect" and Adaptive Dynamics. At last, the vans will be powered by wide range of TDI engines with an output ranging from 84 to 204 horsepower (62;150 kW); as well as two petrol unit, capable of 150 hp (110 kW) and 205 hp (150 kW). The engines come as a standard equipped with BlueMotion Technology and engine start-stop.

Volkswagen California is currently on sale (in Germany only) and has a starting price of € 41,430.

Source: Volkswagen