Volvo Cars has just showed its latest concept at the Shanghai Auto Show, that definitely takes the meaning of the word 'luxurious' on the next level. Named "The Lounge Console", the concept offers the chauffeur-driven customers a really comfort and stylish place to relax, while driving to the desired destination.

The Volvo engineers made a special research, just to be even more-precise to what has the brand to offer to the high-profile lifestyle customers. The end result, as you can see for yourself, is a stunning looking, high quality, high-style interior.

The Lounge Console is especially crafted to boost the in-car experience. The Volvo designers included a large and stylish working table, that could be opened, just to reveal a illuminated mirror and a jewelry store. The table also could be set to display a 17-inch media screen for a unseen in-car cinema experience. There is even a cushioned leg rest and beneath it, you can put your shoes. Don't worry. The place is especially created shoe storage. In fact, the removal of the front seat offers a spacious and comfortable ride, as well a wonderful panorama view.

As you could have expected, Volvo created not just an incredible interior, but a place, that perfectly describes the word "luxury". The Lounge Console is a really interesting design creation, that blends together art, comfort, flexibility and pleasure of driving.

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Source: Volvo