2022 Volvo C40 RechargeThe new Volvo C40 Recharge is clearly showing the future for the Swedish manufacturer: this is the first all-electric Volvo machine and it demonstrates how future brand models will operate and what we should expect from them.

Based on the XC40 model, the C40 comes with the same strong character and as many advanced technologies, but also presents a character of its own: thorough the exterior and interior design and the dedicated drivetrain system, this vehicle definitely differs from its siblings.

The concept behind C40 Recharge

Influenced by the Scandinavian landscapes, the latest family member showcases an aggressive exterior design and interior characterized by functionality and a focus towards convenience.

Some of the notable exterior features include the design of the exclusive wheel, redesigned rear spoiler, and neat roofline design.

Along with the electric drivetrain, Volvo engineers decided to include as many sustainable materials in the vehicle as possible. This results in presenting a vehicle that features components made of recycled plastic, naturally renewable wool fibers, recycled suede textile, and micro-tech materials. Needless to say, the interior is also completely leather-free.

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As expected, using renewable and recycled materials is one half of the sustainability goal, the electrified drivetrain is the other. Coming with efficient engines and advanced technologies, the new generation of Volvo vehicles confidently demonstrates how performance and pleasure of driving can be achieved without sacrificing quality or precious resources.