2016 Volkswagen Passat Since 2008 the R36 has remained as one of the best Passat models in the whole lineup. And there is a reason behind that: the vehicle offers all-wheel-drive, 3.6-liter power unit that produces a total of 300hp (223kW) and overall great sporty appearance. But Sportfahrwerke team decided to tweak the vehicle a bit and now offers sweet ap coilover kit that is exclusive for the vehicle. Something more, the kit is available only with the all-wheel-drive model. This upgrade provides just the ideal balance between driving comfort and sporty features and the best part is that it does not sacrifice any remaining utility and convenience features.

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The vehicle itself is not just top-enhanced, but it is also top-equipped. The impressive additions include 4-motion AWD system, sporty suspension and by far the most rigid VW build ever. And as it comes to the kit, it brings new springs and dampers that further lower the overall height with a total of 15mm. And the most interesting part is that for stock models the height can be reduced with the incredible 65 millimeters!

2016 Volkswagen Passat Suspension

And the best part? Well, the whole kit comes with special certificate and the whole installation process can be entered into vehicle's documents without any issues. Cool!

Source: Sportfahrwerke