When you start shopping around for contract hire deals to offer to your staff, there are several things you need to bear in mind, in addition to the cost of the package you choose. One option open to you is the BMW 3 Series Saloon, which ticks a number of boxes.

If you're not convinced of the merits of this model, maybe the following points will sway your decision.


Although the main purpose of having a company car is to get from A to B, these vehicles can do more than just transport your employees between meetings. They can make a statement about your firm - good or bad - depending on the model you choose and the condition it's in.

Imagine what you would think if you saw someone arrive for a business meeting with you in a shabby, uncared for car. You may well form the opinion that this person - or their firm - does not take pride in their appearance, and therefore may not put the effort in for you.

Put this in contrast to how you would view someone pulling up in a sleek, polished motor. It's vital to present a professional image at all times. With that in mind, take a look at the BMW 3 Series Saloon - it really does look the part and, as it's one of the most popular executive cars around, you can rest assured you won't be the only person who thinks it makes a good impression.

Cost effective

While looking great is all well and good, most companies have their eyes firmly on their bottom line, especially with all the economic problems in the UK at present. However, the BMW 3 Series can deliver here too, with a range of BMW contract hire offers available at affordable prices - particularly if you are prepared to take out a slightly longer lease or don't have high annual mileage.

Business owners also need to factor in the cost of fuel, as it is common to pay employees mileage for any driving they do for work. It therefore makes sense to give them cars that are fuel efficient.

Take the BMW 3 Series Saloon 320d EfficientDynamics model as an example - it boasts combined fuel consumption of 68.9 mpg and up to 80.7 mpg for extra-urban use. This vehicle features innovative technology designed to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel usage, such as an auto start-stop function and a brake energy regeneration system.

Reliability and safety

As company cars need to get employees from one place to another, you need to be confident that the vehicles you provide your workers with are safe and reliable. BMW has long been associated with high-quality engineering, so you can be confident the technology under the bonnet of a 3 Series Saloon won't let you down.