NOVITEC tuning company has just unveiled its exclusive refinement for the latest Lamborghini Aventador. The NOVITEC TORADO Lamborghini Aventador is more exquisite than ever thanks to the aerodynamic-enhancement kit, which was especially developed in the wind tunnel. Other highlights are the high-tech forged wheels, the engine tuning thanks to which the car produces 1000 hp, high-performance exhaust system with electronic sound management, a coil-over suspension and exclusive interior options.

The enhanced Lamborghini Aventador now features aerodynamic-enhancement components, which depending on customers' preferences are painted in the exterior color of the vehicle or in contrasting one. They are all also offered in a clear-coated carbon-fiber version.

The front fascia of this Lamborghini has more aggressive look thanks to the new body components featured. They have demonstrated in the wind tunnel that they are capable of reducing the negative lift on the front axle and therefore to additionally further enhance the handling stability at high speeds.

In addition, to the front is also added an upgrade with the two-piece NOVITEC TORADO front spoiler on the left and right, the central front blade, newly designed air intakes, new trunk lid with integrated air ducts and the new air vents in front of the windshield.

Going to the side of the Anentador, the refinement includes new rocker panels, carbon-fiber mirror covers and the new side air intakes on the rear windows. Next is the rear of the sportscar, which is dominated by the NOVITEC TORADO rear wing. The latter is being offered in two versions and increases the downforce on the rear axle.

The aerodynamics of the car was further improved thanks to the new diffuser for the rear fascia. On the other hand the larger air intakes and outlets for the hood, combined with the new air vents in the rear, deliver enhanced ventilation of the engine compartment.

The Lamborghini runs on NOVITEC TORADO three-piece NL1 alloy wheels which have five-twin-spoke design and are engineered to fill out the available space under the wheel arches. For the front are utilized wheels in size 9Jx20 matched with 255/30 ZR 20 Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tires. And at the rear the tyres are in size 355/25 ZR 21 and are mounted on 13Jx21 rims.

Furthermore, NOVITEC TORADO sports suspension deliver high adjustability and also offers adjustable dampers. But more importantly, is the tuning done on the engine of this special sports car. The first thing being offered here is a conventional tuning for the V12 engine, which is rated at 515 kW (700 hp). After the enhancement, the engine is able to generate up to 550 kW / 748 hp. Secondly, through the development of a Bi-compressor engine, the car will be capable of producing some 736 kW (1000 hp).

The exhaust system which is being offered here has new design and quasi three-and-a-half tailpipes, where the two center pipes are connected. It can be made from either stainless steel or from the even lighter INCONEL material used in Formula 1 racing. The program also features lighter and more efficient sports catalysts.

What is left to be mentioned is the refinement done throughout the interior. Clear-coated carbon-fiber trim from the door panels to the cover of the instrument cluster are what instantly catches the attention. In addition, the seats are wrapped in high-quality all-leather crafted from the finest leathers and Alcantara. The interior also features audio system made by the specialists at Revox.

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