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kahn team reveals their depiction of a stylish bentley machine!

Kahn team reveals their depiction of a stylish Bentley machine!

Standard Bentley models are cool. In fact, these vehicles are so advanced and refined that sometimes I tend to believe they are just boring to watch. Everything is just so clean and perfect. However, Afzal Kahn team has decided to take a closer look at a certain Bentayga and try to make it even more dynamic and even sexier. Spoiler: the final result is stunning! The thing is that Kahn engineers and designers have kept the original expression a

bentley team unveils new bentayga design series machines

Bentley team unveils new Bentayga Design Series machines

Bentley unveils new Bentayga V8 Design Series. This is a modern depiction of brand’s luxurious SUV, which comes with tons of refinements and changes. The first thing that everyone will notice is, of course, the design. The vehicle is super sexy and expressive. This model is based on the Bentayga V8 and joins the e

kahn design reveals new tuning project

Kahn Design reveals new tuning project

Bentayga Centenary Edition by Kahn Design hits the road with a combination of classic Bentley features and contemporary approach towards upgrade and design revisions made by Kahn team. Driven by the desire to reshape a premium machine into an exclusive piece of art, engineers and designers at Kahn Design have developed a plan that turns the Bentayga into a menacing and yet elegant beast that blends the best of the two brands. Changes include a new lower bumper spoiler, rear boot wing, fron

bentley reveals new continental gt vehicle. check it out!

Bentley reveals new Continental GT vehicle. Check it out!

New Bentley Continental GT, the ultimate Grand Tourer vehicle, has finally arrived in stores. Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Britain, the third-generation combines refined performance and handcrafted luxury, along with cutting-edge technology. So, let’s see what this bad boy brings to the table! Let’s s

kahn design proudly presents diablo - elegant and yet menacing suv

Kahn Design proudly presents Diablo - elegant and yet menacing SUV

One of most popular British Designers, Afzal Kahn, along with his fellow team members, have managed to create a tuning project for Bentley Bentayga. It is named Diablo and features a massive 4.0-liter V8 Petrol engine and tons of stylish changes and additions that make it stand out from the crowd. As Kahn Design team says, one cannot understand the vehicle until you actually see it on the road and one cannot feel it until he is behind the whee

bentley bentayga 2017: ugly, but still expensive!

Bentley Bentayga 2017: ugly, but still expensive!

Bentley Motors has just revealed full details for the latest Bentayga Diesel model. Simply beautiful and luxurious, this vehicle has a lot to demonstrate. So, let’s waste no more time and dive into car’s features! Exterior styling We see a rather familiar style language: expressive front-end with a well-known

bentley has plans for dominating pebble beach. here's what to expect!

Bentley has plans for dominating Pebble Beach. Here's what to expect!

One of the most luxurious Bentley models, if not the most luxurious, the Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase is to make is to make its US debut at the Monterey Auto Week. This luxurious limousine is exclusively created for people who do not satisfy themselves with nothing, but the best out there. This first-class air-travel experience beauty will be first unveiled at the Quail: A Motorsports Gathering event on Friday, 19 August and then it will make a

what it takes to have a life-long passion for vintage bentleys. petrolicious answers [w/video]

What it takes to have a life-long passion for vintage Bentleys. Petrolicious answers [w/video]

William Medcalf is a world-renowned vintage Bentley specialist, who has been a subject of this featured video. The film experts at Petrolicious created an evocative film, which perfectly captures the spirit of Medcalf and gives hint into what drives his passion for vintage Bentleys. At the same time, we are sure that it would be the most beautiful video you have watched lately. With its fantastic cinematography (nods to the photographer/s) it not

bentley team and sir peter blake raise money for charity with colors and love

Bentley Team and Sir Peter Blake Raise Money For Charity With Colors and Love

Bentley Motors has teamed up with the godfather of British pop art, Sir Peter Blake, in order to create unique Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible. The sweetie will be auctioned for charity by Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 24th of June. Bentley team commissioned Sir Blake to deliver world's first pop art Bentley by drawing on inspiration from the acclaimed artist's career at the forefront of the famous British pop art moveme

her majesty's royal bentley goes on sale! here are more details

Her Majesty's Royal Bentley Goes On Sale! Here Are More Details

Queen's Bentley Mulsanne limousine has gone for sale on Auto Trader! The iconic piece of history was reserved for exclusive use by her Majesty during a two-year period from 2012-2014 when Bentley team retired from Royal duties. This particular Mulsanne model was pressed into service by the Queen during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations and for a visit to 10 Downing Street where she attended her first cabinet meeting with Prime Minister, David Came

bentley unveils the updated continental gt speed black edition [642 hp & 840 nm]

Bentley Unveils the Updated Continental GT Speed Black Edition [642 hp & 840 Nm]

Bentley has just revealed the updated variant of the Continental GT Speed. The car has one main benefit and it is in terms of power and torque. With a top speed of 206 mph or 331 km/h, this unique luxurious car now delivers even more force onto the road thanks to the release of the Black Edition, which joins the Speed family. Precisely, the engineers have uprated the potent 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine, which now produces 642 PS (up

mulsanne grand limousine by mulliner: refinement beyond measure

Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner: Refinement Beyond Measure

Bentley revealed the Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show today. This ultimate expression of luxury, technology and craftsmanship sets new benchmark for individualization and refinement. The Grand Limousine is one meter longer and 79mm taller than the previous Mulsanne vehicle and offers one-of-a-kind interior with private-aviation-style seating configuration. Also new for the limousine is the "smart glass" system