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2010 lotus exige cup 260

2010 Lotus Exige Cup 260

More power, better handling and less weight is the perfect formula for better race car. The Lotus Exige Cup 260 is one of the best track cars –  In most common discipline the 100 km/h come in 4.1s and top speed is 245km/h. The car weights only 890kg, which guarantees awesome handling. The supercharged and intercooled engine in the Exige Cup 260 has a maximum power output of 260 PS (257 hp) at 8000 rpm and a torque figure of 236 Nm (174 lbft) at 6000 rpm. The gear box is six speed manual.

Hennessey VENOM GT supercar - the nowadays 289 AC Cobra

Hennessey Performance will unveil publicly their VENOM GT supercar at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The VENOM GT will be powered by specially-tuned, supercharged and twin-turbocharged Corvette ZR1-LS9 engine. With over 1,000 bhp of power on tap, and a curb weight under 2,500 lbs, the mid-engine VENOM GT will boast an ast

lotus city car concept design

Lotus City Car Concept Design

Recently at the automarket, buyers are downsizing their vehicles and engines to save money and fuel, and the purchases of city cars are on the rise. The ”Automotive Engineer” magazine asked Russell Carr, head of Lotus Design – How they see the future and how could they improve on the Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ? A month after that the first sketches of the future Lotus City Car are already here along with new innovative and radical ideas. The future city car is about to carry up to fo

Lotus selected Pirelli P ZeroTM for the stunning new Evora

Lotus Cars Limited is delighted to announce that it has selected Pirelli as the principal supplier of tyres for the stunning new Lotus Evora. The Evora is the first all new Lotus to be released since the iconic Elise roadster in 1995. The recent launch at Loch Lomond in Scotland gave the press a perfect opportunity

2010 Model Year Elise and Exige Now Cleaner than Ever

For 2010 Model Year, the Elise and Exige have substantially reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption The latest Elise and Exige models are the product of continuous improvement to give up to a 9% reduction in CO2 emissions and similar increases in fuel economy. On the combined cycle, the Elise S shows

The Stunning New Lotus Evora 2+2

With class leading driving dynamics, fuel economy and emissions of just 205 g/km of CO2, the new Lotus Evora raises the bar for world class high performing sportscars. The first all-new Lotus since the iconic Elise roadster made its debut in 1995, the Evora enters the sports car market as the world’s only production mid-engined 2+2. The Evora provides a tremendously rewarding driving experience: the mid-engined layout gives exceptional agility and the Lotus engineered suspension ensures inc

The New Lotus Exige S - 2010 Model Year

The 79th International Geneva Motor Show sees the introduction of the exciting new 2010 Model Year Lotus Exige S with a newly designed front end, a new rear wing and impressive emissions of just 199 g/km CO2. The Lotus Exige is a renowned high performance coupe that has a well earned reputation of choice for drivers who demand uncompromised performance, both on the road and on the track. Lotus has always pursued efficiency and fuel economy and for the 2010 Model Year Lotus Exige S, Lotus h

Lotus Reveals Flex-Fuel Engine Concept

Lotus Engineering, the world-renowned automotive consultancy division of Lotus Cars Limited, unveils its latest research into engine efficiency at the 79th International Geneva Motor Show. The Omnivore engine concept has the potential to significantly increase fuel efficiency for sustainable alcohol based fuels, which increases the prospect of a greater amount of vehicle miles travelled using renewable fuels. On display will be the single cylinder research engine monoblock that demonstrates the

Spend wisely, buy a Lotus!

The latest money saving advice comes from British sportscar maker Lotus, and is very simple – buy a Lotus and save money! In the current financial climate the emphasis is on being smart with our money.  A new breed of ‘Frugalists’ are turning to European price busting grocers Lidl and Aldi for their weekly shop in order to afford the annual pilgrimage to `the slopes’, and cash-smart homeowners are splashing out on expensive insulation or installing wood-burning stoves in order to mak

Craig, Clooney and Grohl on the waiting list for the new Lotus EVORA

The new Lotus Evora is everything a sports car should be; sculptural, stylish and fast; considerably faster than the famous Elise and more refined at speed than the track-focused Exige. Lotus promises its trademark exemplar performance credentials and suggests the Evora will achieve a maximum speed of 160 mph and a 0-60 time at less than 5 seconds! High-end cars have long been integral to the one-upmanship among the glitterati, but rather tha

Lotus Wins Award for Engine Research that Delivers 15% CO2 Reduction

Lotus Engineering, the world renowned automotive consultancy division of Lotus, is celebrating its latest accolade after triumphing at ‘The Engineer Technology + Innovation Awards 2008’ with another environmentally focused project. The winning project, Project HOTFIRE, developed a gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine concept that reduces fuel consumption by 15% and was named the leading academic collaborative project in the automotive secto

Lotus Evora Aluminium Structure Celebrated

The Lotus Evora, the all new sportscar from one of the leading global car marques has won a prestigious award at the European Aluminium Awards 2008. The aluminium structure of the Lotus Evora, the world’s only mid-engined 2+2 was triumphant, capturing the Overall Jury Prize, celebrating the technological advancements of the Lotus aluminium vehicle architecture. In what is the first award to be bestowed on the visually stunning Lotus Evora, even before production is underway, the award, only presented when spec