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toyota prius c concept

Toyota Prius c Concept

At the 2011 North American International Auto Show, Toyota has revealed its long anticipated additions to the Prius family, including the all-new Toyota Prius c Concept, where the letter “c” stands for city- centric vehicle. With its compact dimensions, the Toyota Prius c Concept represents the perfect choice for shoppers interested in smaller hybrid at exclusive price tag and with superior fuel economy. It will be a perfect match to young drivers demanding for an eco-friendly, high-mileage, fun

honda ts-1x concept

Honda TS-1X Concept

Honda will reveal TS-1X Concept at the this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. The vehicle is based on CR-Z and features a matte black exterior with a revised front fascia, extended side skirts, and a huge rear spoiler. Honda TS-1X also boasts big rims in matte black fitted with high-performance tires. Under them, there are yellow performance brakes. The company will also display Sports Modulo, NSX and the HSV-010 GT powered by a naturally-aspirated 3.4-liter V8 with 507PS (373 kW) and 392Nm (289 lb

chevrolet sonic z-spec concept

Chevrolet Sonic Z-Spec Concept

Sonic Concept is one of the latest project of Chevrolet. The vehicle will be on display at the North American International Auto Show for the next two weeks. It is finished in matte black and orange and definitely grabs your attention. The mirror caps, trim around the radiator, the rear spoiler and a racing stripe are in glossy orange as well as the BBS alloy racing wheels. The interior also has some orange touches - ather-lined Recaro seats, flat-bottom steering wheel cover, and shift boot.

ford vertrek concept

Ford Vertrek Concept

Ford has unveiled Vertrek concept at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The SUV is a sleeker, sportier and more stylish compared to the other vehicles on the market. “Vertrek concept is a no-compromise solution we feel utility vehicle customers will embrace around the world,” commented Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president of Global Product Development. “It is a revolution compared to what is typically seen in this segment in North America and is a stylish evol

honda civic concept

Honda Civic Concept

At the next week’s starting North American International Auto Show 2011 in Detroit, Honda is about to reveal a new study ride –all-new Honda Civic Concept, which is aimed at giving the fans a preview of where the styling of the future Civic generation is headed. Although, the teaser is just a sketch image, it is enough clear to showcase the concept ride’s sportier, more sophisticated and perfected styling. Representing a near to production version of the ninth-generation 2012 Civic, the Ho

kia kv7 concept

KIA KV7 Concept

KIA has published a sketch of KV7 Concept, which is set to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2011. The vehicle is a crossover featuring some details from both Sportage and Sorento models. KIA KV7 Concept will include some very interesting extras like swivel seating, minimalist dash, wood panel floor, and gullwing opening rear doors making way for a center pillarless opening on the passenger side. However, the drivers side has a center pillar. The official debut is set for January 1

chevrolet sail ev

Chevrolet Sail EV

Sail EV concept was introduced by Chevrolet at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China. The small city car is co-developed with the PATAC (Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center) and features some details from Chevy Volt - grille, flush door handles, and turbine-style wheels. It is powered by electric motor with 88PS (65 kW) and 220Nm (162 lb-ft). With such power, the small car is capable of doing 130 km/h (81 mph) and to go up to 150km (93 miles) on a single charge. Motivation is provided by a s

mini paceman concept

MINI Paceman Concept

MINI will exhibit Paceman Concept at the North American International Auto Show. The vehicle is practically a Countryman coupe. It measures 4 110 millimetres in length, 1 789 millimetres in width and 1 541 millimetres in height. The sporty nature is very obvious with the extremely short overhangs. One of the most fascinating elements are the 19" alloys. Paceman also boasts bold front fascia and a sloping roofline. The interior is very luxurious for a crossover - leather upholstery, a f

peugeot ex1 concept - 1/4 mile in 12.6s

Peugeot EX1 Concept - 1/4 mile in 12.6s

Peugeot EX1 Concept set a new performance record for electric vehicle. The car managed to run 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile with 7.086 seconds and 12.675 seconds, respectively. EX1 sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.49 seconds and set a longitudinal acceleration of 1G over 39 m. All tests were made at the Chengdu military airport in the province of Sichuan, where the event took place. Peugeot EX1 Concept is powered by two electric motors, one at the front axle and one at the rear axle. The

lancia musa 5th avenue concept

Lancia Musa 5th Avenue concept

At the Bologna Motor Show, Lancia has showcased its all-new Musa 5th Avenue concept, an exceptionally luxurious minivan that builds-on the stylish, famous Lancia Musa. Fitted with even more comfort, elegance and exclusivity, the all-new Lancia Musa 5th Avenue has the agility of a normal city car yet boasts the spaciousness and class of a true limousine. In its outer dress, the newly styled concept highlights new headlamps and black rear-view mirrors which, on the one hand reflect the latest m

nissan new mobility concept

Nissan New Mobility Concept

Nissan has unleashed the face of an all-new proposal, aimed at outlining the design of the future mobility. Dubbed Nissan New Mobility concept, the new proposal represents an eco-friendly, pure electric vehicle engineered for short distances, which boasts comfortable and spacious cabin, smoothly shaped, user-friendly outer livery yet exceptionally compact dimensions. Nissan New Mobility concept can be used as: 'seamless mobility service', a highly efficient and convenient public tran

cadillac aera concept wins the la design challenge

Cadillac Aera Concept Wins the LA Design Challenge

Cadillac’s extraordinary Aera Concept vehicle won the Design Challenge at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. The futuristic ride blow-off the competition, including renowned car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Maybach. This year, designers were asked to engineer a “1,000 lb. car” with effici