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hyundai i-flow at goodwood festival of speed

Hyundai i-Flow at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Hyundai i-Flow took a part at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (1-4 July) in the UK.  The car, designed at the company’s European Technical Center, made its first appearance since impressing crowds on its global debut during the Geneva Motor Show in March. Over 175 000 visitors attended the four-day festival, taking in high-performance supercars, motorsport vehicles and next-generation technology showcases such as the i-flow.  The D-segment from Hyundai, i-flow boasts Hyundai’s ground-breaking new design lan

volkswagen is getting ready for the future

Volkswagen is getting ready for the future

On a special occasion - 2010 E-Workshop - in Shanghai dedicated to the rides of tomorrow, Volkswagen has displayed a remarkable line-up of five part-electric (hybrid) and full-electric cars. Three of the future eco rides are sharing a new, universal label dubbed blue-e-motion, which sets the zero-emissions mobility at pedestal. The first representative of the new badge is the Up! blue-e-motion concept, an electrically-driven, smart-styled urban ride, ready to hit the assembly line in the beginning of 2013. The seco

suzuki reveals top-performance concept turbo kizashi

Suzuki reveals top-performance Concept Turbo Kizashi

Suzuki has unleashed an exclusive, head-turning, high-performance tweaked 2010 Kizashi dubbed Suzuki Concept Turbo Kizashi. The newly-packed “Kee-Zah-Shee” displays another definition of impressive performance fitted in great-shaped forms and priced with tempting tag. Coming right after the highly-retrofitted Kizashi m

chevrolet presents volt mpv5 electric concept at auto china 2010 in beijing

Chevrolet presents Volt MPV5 Electric Concept at Auto China 2010 in Beijing

Recently, Chevrolet has introduced the fuel-efficient Cruze and New Sail in China and now it is turn to Volt. The vehicle will have extended range capability in 2011. Chevrolet Volt MPV5 Concept is a 5 passenger multi-purpose crossover, which shows the potential of the Voltec propulsion system. Outside the car isn’t made entirely about efficiency. Painted in Sonic Blue Metallic paint and with big 19” Volt wheels, it concept's sporty featur

2010 ford start concept at the beijing auto show

2010 Ford Start Concept at the Beijing Auto Show

Ford is making a real impression at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show with the most interactive display ever. The company is previewing next-generation Ford Focus and a future small-displacement Ford EcoBoost engine, which is fitted in Ford Start Concept. The small concept is powered by three-cylinder 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine. Ford Start is making its globat debut in China. The car is specially developed to to preview the latest in Ford green technology. The three-cylinder 1.0 litre is the smallest in the EcoBoost

bmw concept gran coupe at 2010 auto china in beijing

BMW Concept Gran Coupe at 2010 Auto China in Beijing

There are a lot of stunning cars at the Auto China in Beijing, which is held April 23rd to May 2nd 2010, but no one of them can’t get near to the real eye-catcher at the show is BMW Concept Gran Coupe. It is a 4-door vehicle with excellent dynamic proportions. In 2007, BMW presented their Concept CS, which was thei

mercedes shoots off the shooting break concept ride

Mercedes shoots off the Shooting Break concept ride

At the upcoming motor fair Auto China 2010, Mercedes-Benz is about to amaze the crowd with its latest amazing concept creation, the Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break concept car. Engineered to continue and expand even more the emotionally-appealing Coupe-based design of the FASCINATION concept car, the Shooting Beak concept

citroen metropolis concept fully revealed

Citroen Metropolis Concept fully revealed

Citroen, the French sporty automaker has unleashed an all-new, remarkable concept ride dubbed Citroen Metropolis Concept. Shaped in ultra-muscular and natty styling, the new Metropolis concept will celebrate its first public appearance at the upcoming Beijing Auto Fair 2010. The future Citroen ride is engineered by international design team based in Shanghai and mirrors the China’s avant-garde forms, grandeur and vitality. Typically in the path of the new creations, the elegant Metropolis limousine utilizes plug

volkswagen displays its milano taxi concept at hanover 2010

Volkswagen displays its Milano Taxi concept at Hanover 2010

At the Hanover Trade Show, Volkswagen, the renowned German automaker has introduced the VW Milano Taxi concept, a future, zero-emissions taxi vehicle driven by electric power unit. Planned for market launch in 2013, the Milano Taxi concept ride represents a city MPV styled specifically for the needs of the taxi drivers

polestar teases 400 hp volvo c30 concept

Polestar teases 400 hp Volvo C30 Concept

Polestar Volvo C30 Performance Concept Prototype is the first road-legal vehicle project developed completely by the Volvo's championship-winning Swedish Touring Car Team - Polestar Performance. The prototype vehicle possesses astonishing output value of 400 horsepower and transfers its power to the asphalt via all-wheel-drive system. The innovative project shows what expect when a Championship-winning team of race engineers, experts and designers get free-reign to design and engineer a car rather than developin

general motors presents emissions free en-v concept

General Motors presents emissions free EN-V concept

In Shanghai, General Motors in collaboration with its Chinese joint venture partner Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) have unveiled a radically innovative, zero emissions concept vehicle dubbed EN-V (Electric Networked-Vehicle). Engineered to alleviate concerns surrounding traffic congestion, parking avai

gqbycitroen concept car

GQbyCITROEN Concept Car

Citroen and GQ have revealed a unique and exciting automotive project – the GQbyCITROEN. The GQbyCITROEN is a concept car born through a unique partnership between the UK’s market-leading quality men’s monthly and a team of Citroen designers, collaborating to create the ultimate gentleman’s drive.  This is the first time a British magazine has collaborated with a car company in this way. Responding to a brief by GQ’s editor, Dylan Jones, Citroen’s team, headed by British designer – and the