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If you are delighted by the recently launched Honda CR-Z compact hybrid electric ride, but you want more of that cool sporty feeling hinted at the ride’s body styling, Mugen, the famous Honda cars styling and performance specialist might have the right aerodynamic and styling additions for you. Strictly dedicated to the motorsport-look, the newly shaped Mugen parts include: front under spoiler with fog lights, new sports style grille with an illumination option, side skirts, rear diffuser,

The UK devision of Honda has announced an exclusive limited edition Civic Type R MUGEN 200, which styling and technical features draws inspiration by the MUGEN Euro’s high-performance Type R revealed in last year’s October. As the vehicle’s title suggests, only 200 units of the exclusive model will be manufacture

Torque Developments International is ready to launch full Mugen aftermarket product range for Honda Civic Type R FN2. For some people a regular Type R Civic wont be enough cool looking and they will prefer the car to be equipped with Mugen tuning kit. The visual enhancements include : Front aero bumper, Air intake garnish, Front Sports grille, Front Aero Fenders (pair), Aero bonnet, Rear Bumper and Rear Wing. Total price of the tuning kit is £6062, really a colossal price for visual upgrade. Although that th

honda civic type r mugen prototype

Following media speculation, MUGEN EURO Co., Ltd has confirmed the development of a highly-tuned Honda Civic Type R 'MUGEN' concept prototype road car, using the same powertrain as the Civic MUGEN RR saloon launched in 2007 in Japan. The car is being developed in Japan by MUGEN EURO – the Northampton-based subsidiary of Honda’s long standing tuning partner MUGEN – and will be brought to the UK for testing later in the year. At this stage, the car is being prepared purely as a prototype