If you are delighted by the recently launched Honda CR-Z compact hybrid electric ride, but you want more of that cool sporty feeling hinted at the ride's body styling, Mugen, the famous Honda cars styling and performance specialist might have the right aerodynamic and styling additions for you.

Strictly dedicated to the motorsport-look, the newly shaped Mugen parts include: front under spoiler with fog lights, new sports style grille with an illumination option, side skirts, rear diffuser, carbon-made number plate frame as well as an astonishing rear wing. Made of high-end materials, the aftermarket CR-Z elements are smart engineered and easy-to-install.

Honda CR-Z Mugen (2010) - picture 1 of 3
Honda CR-Z Mugen (2010) - picture 2 of 3
Honda CR-Z Mugen (2010) - picture 3 of 3

Honda CR-Z Mugen Price List:

  • Front Under Spoiler - $635,00
  • Side Spoiler – $730.00
  • Rear Under Spoiler - $690.00
  • Front Sports Grille – $450.00
  • Grille Illumination – $405.00
  • Carbon Number Plate Garnish – $115.00
  • Rear Wing – $925.00