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winter tale: vilner transforms bmw 5-series f10 and 6-series m f12 [video]

Winter Tale: Vilner Transforms BMW 5-Series F10 and 6-Series M F12 [VIDEO]

Not only one but two exceptional new BMW models got full modification by the talented luxury tuning specialists from Vilner. Here, we are talking about the 5-Series F10 and 6-Series M F12 models of the famous German auto-maker. Both vehicles were foiled in white matt, which makes them look almost like twins. Moreover, this actually leaves us with the impression that they are being part of some sort of magical winter tale. The exterior modifica

vilner aprilia stingray adds 13 new details

Vilner Aprilia Stingray Adds 13 New Details

As it comes for Vilner the number thirteen seems to be rather a lucky one. The successful interior tuning specialists have now made an exceptional transformation on the Aprilia Stingray by adding to it brand new thirteen details. And as one can see from the pictures, there is nothing similar with the original model, which in fact was the initial aim of the team. Vilner Aprilia Stingray now looks more exquisite than ever with its aggressive and futuristic stance. The exceptional new visual appearance of this m

hot: vilner mercedes-benz sls amg finally revealed

HOT: Vilner Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Finally Revealed

Do you remember that couple of days before Christmas the individualization tuning specialist from Vilner surprised us with a gift in the form of two teaser pictures revealing a glimpse of their latest endeavours? If you do than you will probably be happy to know that they have finally unveiled their work on the SLS AMG

atanas vilner: perfection to the detail is the way to success [interview]

Atanas Vilner: Perfection To The Detail Is The Way To Success [INTERVIEW]

Since Christmas is just a step away, we have decided to make a present to our readers! We had a talk with Atanas Vilner – the person who stays behind the breath-taking tunings of Vilner! Here you can read what we have asked him and what he had to disclose. Your Company has achieved many accolades recently. Your tunings are exquisite and I must honestly say that they are one of the best ones I have personally seen. But,

exclusive: vilner reveals a starry sky nissan gt-r

Exclusive: Vilner Reveals a Starry Sky Nissan GT-R

Just ahead of the winter holidays, the Bulgarian tuning company Vilner is making a big Christmas gift to the readers of by revealing exclusively and only for them their new and absolutely breath-taking work on Nissan GT-R. Vilner Nissan GT-R is definitely a very unique project. And this is not

teaser: vilner mercedes-benz sls amg

Teaser: Vilner Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

How do you think the perfect present for Christmas would look like? I personally would love to have a white Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG wrapped with a big red band - not under my Christmas tree but in front of my house. In addition it has to be a very special kind of Mercedes-Benz, and this means that it has to be unique and full of enhancements. For this reason, I would imagine that it is tuned by Vilner, which I am sure will make the best and most beautiful interior design! Just try to think abou

vilner transforms bentley continental

Vilner Transforms Bentley Continental

After the great success that the Bulgarian tuners from Vilner achieved with their last two tunings on Audi RS6 and S5, they are now ready to bring even more luxury, style and prestige to the automotive world. The specialists are doing that with the release of their new project on Bentley Continental. Of course, the readers of are the first to see it! In general Bentley is a vehicle which leaves us with the impression that it doesn’t need any additional tuning. For inst

exclusive: vilner audi rs6

EXCLUSIVE: Vilner Audi RS6

Absolutely exclusive for the readers of is the new hot tuning of the Bulgarian based specialists from Vilner. This time they are going to amaze us with their exceptional and sophisticated work on the Audi RS6. Vilner Audi RS6 has everything that one wants to see in a car concerning its exterior as well as interior. Absolute craftsmanship and perfectionism grabs ones attention at first sight. The exterior immediately strikes with its provocative color - an effect achieved

the exclusive vilner audi s5

The Exclusive Vilner Audi S5

Extremely exclusive is the latest release of the exceptional tuning company Vilner. The tuners had just unveiled the astonishing work on their last project – Vilner Audi S5. And as we all expect – it is breathtaking! Given that this Audi is powered by a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 engine, it generates 333 hp (245 kW) at 5500RPM and has 440 Nm (325 lb-ft) of torque at just 2900RPM. Within just 5.1 seconds the S5 can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. But no figures can adequately describe the suprem

vliner triumph speed tripple bulldog custom bike [video]

Vliner Triumph Speed Tripple Bulldog Custom Bike [VIDEO]

We are mainly used to see great car transformations from the talented tuning specialist of Vilner. However, a few months ago we have seen how they have modified extremely well a two-wheel drive - the Vilner Ducati Monster 1100 Evo. Now we are ready to see more from them in terms of enhancing two wheel bikes and maki

vilner nissan gt-r – the power of the dragon

Vilner Nissan GT-R – The Power of the Dragon

It must be a great start of the new week, since the first news we have for you today is from the outstanding Bulgarian tuning company Vilner. I must admit that I have always been keen on the work of these specialists, but this time they have prepared for us something which has surpassed all expectations. Vilner Nissan GT-R is the name of the project and it is exquisite and more than stylish. The beginning was when the customer contacted the professionals with the plea of non-standardized transformation of his Ni

vilner completes carlsson mercedes-benz s500

Vilner completes Carlsson Mercedes-Benz S500

I am always excited to announce a whenever there’s something new going on around the Bulgarian tuning company Vilner. Now, the fellows have made a major commitment in transforming three emblematic vehicles. Namely the cars are Mercedes-Benz S500 by Carlsson, Audi S8 and Mercedes-Benz S63 by Brabus. In fact the last one is the only fully completed by Brabus Mercedes commissioned by Bulgarian. Today, Vilner has given more details on the work done on the S500 Carlsson. More information around the other cars is