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vilner saturn sky

Vilner Saturn Sky

Vilner has introduced the unique tuned Saturn Sky. The Bulgarian tuners specializes in developing bespoke, high end interiors. Vilner Saturn Sky boasts nice oriental blue exterior combined with a red interior. The tuner also offers LED daytime running lights for the front bumper. The interior is the real deal. It includes black Alcantara and carbon fiber trim parts, as well as new dials, a carbon fiber steering wheel and a new upholstery. There is also a newly fitted high-end Ground Zero s

vilner land rover defender experience -

Vilner Land Rover Defender Experience - "The Twins"

Land Rover Defenders are commonly valued for their unmatched off-road capabilities and extreme toughness. People who buy these iconic machines usually apply their qualities in exotic adventures or work in heavy terrain conditions. There are probably also people who see Land Rovers as accommodating and functional too, b

vilner smart fottwo square style

Vilner Smart FotTwo Square Style

Smart ForTwo received another tuning package, but this time from the Bulgarian Custom studio Vilner. The small city car is completely transformed both inside and outside. The aim of the company is to create a vehicle, which attracts a lot of attention. Still, Vilner ForTwo will be used as a promotional car. The name of the project is Square Style derived from the chequered motifs on the vehicle. Vilner used orange foil with patterns of stitching for the exterior with full chrome panles and

vilner mercedes-benz ml 350

Vilner Mercedes-Benz ML 350

Vilner Mercedes ML 350 is the latest, sleek addition to the growing portfolio of the Bulgarian tuning expert, showcasing slightly bettered exterior look and completely re-styled cabin ambience. Since first sight, the exterior of Mercedes-Benz ML 350 by Vilner exudes individuality. It is finished in white body color backed by specially-designed headlights with built-in LED system. In addition to that, all factory chrome applications of the exterior of the ML 350 have been replaced by custom bl

saturn sky by vilner – an open-air head-turner

Saturn Sky by Vilner – an open-air head-turner

The incredibly fresh Saturn Sky is the latest ride that benefits from the masterful refinement skills of Vilner, and if you haven’t heard that tuning brand, now is the time! Representing Bulgaria on the huge tuning scene, Vilner is a true aftermarket expert offering interesting concepts, innovative and art solutions. As we already mentioned, the latest project by Vilner is the 2-door convertible Saturn Sky, which now possesses more style and unique character than ever. On the outside, the sharp shaped sport