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Bentley Continental GT Tag
vorsteiner bentley continental gt br10-rs edition

Vorsteiner Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS Edition

Vorsteiner offers new perspective of its latest Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS Edition. The new photoshoot mainly focuses on the rear of the car and its carbon fiber elements that were added by the tuning company. Precisely, it is an aero package, which as you can see features front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and deck lid spoiler all made of the aforementioned lightweight material. This Continental GT is powered by a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 which delivers 528 horsepower (389 kW)

bentley continental gt drag - 3,000hp

Bentley Continental GT drag - 3,000HP

Bentley Continental GT with over 3,000HP (2,237 kW)? Of course, if you are a 48-year-old watch repairer, who obviously likes drag racing. Steve Neimantas from Yorkshire, UK spent 250,000 to convert the grand tourer into a drag racing beast. The modified car is powered by a 10.2 liter V8 engine from Chevrolet equipped with two enormous turbochargers. The result is the whopping 3,000HP, which will be enough to catapult the Bentley from stand still to the finish line of ¼ mile in less than 7

dmc impress with bentley continental gt duro china edition

DMC Impress With Bentley Continental GT DURO China Edition

DMC have a weakness for British exotics, and their latest revelation seems to support that. It's a Continental GT called the DURO on the streets of China. Hence, the China Edition tag as well. To start off, there's a really cool bumper at the front. It fits all models from 2012 on. With it the Continental is 2-inches longer than it would normally be. A closer inspection should reveal a pair of daylight running LEDs as well. Moving on to the side view, we find new side skirts that are actual

lamborghini veneno roadster on a boat

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster On A Boat

Few things can match top the grandiose entrance arranged for the Bentley Continental GT a couple of years ago. This, however, really does takes the cake. It's the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster... on an aircraft carrier... in Abu Dhabi. That's right, it's the hypercar's public debut. The atmosphere must have been thoroughly Italian and we are not looking simply at the Lambo. His Excellency Giorgio Starace, Italian Ambassador to the UAE and the Admiral of High Seas Forces, Paolo Treu were am

official debut: vorsteiner bentley continental gt br10-rs

Official Debut: Vorsteiner Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS

The luxury tuning brand Vorsteiner has just made a reality the debut of Vorsteiner Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS. The car is part of company’s Vorsteiner Nero Project and in fact is the first to be officially presented after its start. To be more precise, this Bentley was finely tuned and includes several noticeable additions and modifications. An instance is the front bumper which is made of company’s Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber. The latter material gives the element superior stiffness

vorsteiner bentley continental gt - could only be described as art

Vorsteiner Bentley Continental GT - Could Only be Described as Art

Vorsteiner has introduced their latest project based on the luxurious Bentley Continental GT. Art is defined as the expression of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. The latest tuning program for the Bentley Continental GT from Vorsteiner could only be described as art. The exterior comes with a carbon fiber front bumper that improves downforce and engine cooling. There is also a pair of new carbon fiber

exclusive: vilner bentley continental gt finally revealed!

EXCLUSIVE: Vilner Bentley Continental GT Finally Revealed!

At last! Vilner Bentley Continental GT has finally been revealed in its entire glorious and magnificent stance! After the project has been teased several times, the time has come for it to be fully disclosed to the automotive world! And everything that we can add is that it was worth the wait! Eight months ago in Studio Vinler came a client who brought his first generation Bentley Continental GT. It was an ordinary day like any other days of the week and the client had the typical Bentley in

vilner teases the tuned interior of bentley continental gt [video]

Vilner Teases The Tuned Interior Of Bentley Continental GT [VIDEO]

In the beginning of this month we have received the second of two teasers that gave us a glimpse of what the exclusive Vilner Bentley Continental GT would look like. Now it is time for the third one, and in its case the luxury tuning specialists at Vilner are sharing with us some insights around the working process regarding the interior of the vehicle. The exclusive video, which you can view below, reveals some of the highlights that are going to be featured in this premium and entirely new

vilner bentley continental gt teased again [video]

Vilner Bentley Continental GT Teased Again [VIDEO]

At the end of the last month we were extremely excited to receive the news that the luxury tuning specialists at the Bulgarian company Vilner have a new exciting project. This time they have put all their efforts and attention towards giving an entire make-over to a Bentley Continental GT model. Now, just days ahead of the official reveal of the transformed car, they have sent us a video, which shows the creative process in designing this unique project. Of course, you can view the footage be

teaser: bentley continental gt by vilner [video]

TEASER: Bentley Continental GT by Vilner [VIDEO]

We have received extremely exciting news from the Bulgarian luxury tuning specialists at Vilner, who have just sent us a teaser video that reveals what will be their next exquisite project. Studio Vilner have already established a very prominent position in the creation of superior interiors on different kind of automobiles of versatile classes. In addition, in their portfolio is evident that they have made some exterior finishes as well. And now it is the time that they are also about to

mansory sanguis based on bentley continental gt

Mansory Sanguis based on Bentley Continental GT

Mansory will present their tuning package for Bentley Continental GT at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The name of the project is Sanguis. . The car's series model is already one of the most exclusive that money can buy. But Mansory deluxe manufactory has taken this a step further and created a top-level customisation of the second generation of the British Gran-Turismo. The exterior features a newly designed front apron with daytime running lights and an extra-light carbon-fibre bonnet. The

exclusive: mansory bentley continental gt in candy red by print tech

Exclusive: Mansory Bentley Continental GT in Candy Red by Print Tech

Mansory Bentley Continental GT in Candy Red has been exclusively unveiled, showing-off its premium visual status and enhanced qualities. Powered by a V12 BiTurbo unit, the performance of this Bentley shows enviable figures. It is capable of covering the 0-100 km/h sprint for less than 5 seconds on its way to the Vmax of 180 mph. In addition, according to the figures given, the Continental GT generates 575 hp (423 kW) and 700 Nm of torque within the 1700rpm – 5000rpm range. However, the tun