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larte design makes new 2020 qx60 even more appealing!

LARTE Design makes new 2020 QX60 even more appealing!

Some time ago, about three years, LARTE Design unveiled its LR1 styling package for the then-brand-new QX60 machine. As time has passed, the tuning studio has decided to make one more step further and take a look at now the latest 2020 QX60. Already known for its premium features and advanced engineering solutions, INFINITI QX60 has received some more refinement and styling upgrades. Originally featuring high-end components and reliable technologies, brand’s latest SUV also offers buyers room

infiniti qx80 receives neat facelift from larte design

Infiniti QX80 receives neat facelift from LARTE Design

Infiniti has revealed a revised version of the new QX80 not so long ago and the result is simply stunning: the vehicle adopts everything that is necessary to make a SUV leap into the premium segment. However, LARTE Design team decided to take a closer look at the luxury car and make some changes and additions on its own. The result is amazing and fills a gap that was noticed by many people: although sexy and agile, QX80 lacks some aggressive and sporty expression. And here’s where LARTE Design s

maserati and larte design present refined vehicles on a special event

Maserati and LARTE Design present refined vehicles on a special event

The beginning of the year is marked by a pretty confident step by LARTE Design team and one of the largest equestrian clubs in Europe, MAXIMA STABLES. LARTE Design, along with AVILON Maserati dealer revealed two vehicles: black and blue Maserati Levante that were further upgraded with the exclusive Shtorm kit. On Saturday, 3rd of February, AVILON team has prepared a sweet surprise to all the guests of the show. On the annual winter test people had the chance to test drive all the exposed

larte design's depiction of a porsche macan suv: masterfully executed

LARTE Design's depiction of a Porsche Macan SUV: masterfully executed

Okay, we admit it: LARTE Design remains one of our favorite tuners. We have tons of reasons to place it in our top 5 ranking, but as it comes to this review, we will be sticking to one particular perk: all LARTE Design projects are simply beautiful. Of course, they are also functional, advanced and luxurious, but we said that we will keep it simple. What we are recently given to enjoy is a refined Posche Macan unit. Although all Porsche vehicles are advanced and of high quality, there is alwa

larte design showcases its latest project! and it is sexy!

LARTE Design showcases its latest project! And it is sexy!

LARTE Design celebrates its second decade of delivering us some outstanding vehicles with a special 20th Anniversary tuning kit with a real scoop. This is exclusive Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe package definitely impresses with style and presence. And provided that it bears the name of LARTE Design, things got really interesting. And stylish. Definitely expressive, the GLE Coupe is honorable member of the Mercedes-Benz lineup. It is both sporty, menacingly-looking and somehow describe this aggress

larte design presents a new hot hatch! check this infiniti qx30 out!

LARTE Design presents a new hot hatch! Check this Infiniti QX30 out!

Since 2008 the R36 has remained as one of the best Passat models in the whole lineup. And there is a reason behind that: the vehicle offers all-wheel-drive, 3.6-liter power unit that produces a total of 300hp (223kW) and overall great sporty appearance. But Sportfahrwerke team decided to tweak the vehicle a bit and now offers sweet ap coilover kit that is exclusive for the vehicle. Something more, the kit is available only with the all-wheel-drive model. This upgrade provides just the ideal bala

here's larte design's new black crystal: this is definitely a must see!

Here's LARTE Design's new Black Crystal: this is definitely a must see!

LARTE Design team presents its latest achievement: the Black Crystal. This sweetie is based on Mercedes-Benz GLS and completely resembles tuner’s concept about beauty and style. Also, there is a neat photo shooting that further enhances the feeling of luxury. We presume that you have already seen the gallery. And we presume that you have already asked yourself: why BLACK Crystal? Well, because of the two Swarovski Crystals that are gently placed at the front bumper. In fact, despite the n

meet simbad the horse and larte design's latest masterpiece!

Meet Simbad the horse and LARTE Design's latest masterpiece!

We have all seen it: the horseshoe logo. And we all know what it represent: style, quality and fine taste. And one more time, LARTE Design team strikes back! The latest creation is based on a Mercedes GLS vehicle and the usual question that people would ask, when seeing the vehicle is "How many horses are in there?" The answer: one. And its name is Simbad. You can even see it at gallery below. Yep, this is right: for this project LARTE Design team has focused entirely on styling and exterior det

larte design creates one simply unique interior design! check it out!

Larte Design creates one simply unique interior design! Check it out!

Many people dream of having this super luxurious vehicle that is not only expressive, but it also completely represents this refined taste in style and quality. And many get what they have always wanted. And there are also these who show the final product, so much desired by many. This time the presenters are Mercedes-Benz and LARTE Design. Built by Luxury Technology studio and first showcased at the Russian Jet Expo Show, the final product is named "Black Crystal". So, let's see what makes this

larte design launching the outstanding mercedes gls black crystal

LARTE Design launching the outstanding Mercedes GLS Black Crystal

Visitors of Moscow International Auto Show see for the first time the unique project LARTE Design made a blast at the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) with the reveal of the long-awaited Mercedes GLS Black Crystal project. The vehicle looks imposing with its masculine stance, which has been enhance via more than 50 additional parts, made from exclusive materials like the lightweight carbon fiber and basalt. In addition, the tuning studio did some special painting works, furthe

larte design reveals more details about the new mystical black crystal project

LARTE Design reveals more details about the new mystical Black Crystal project

This image shows the blackout variant of what we have previewed as the latest Black Crystal in LARTE Design’s family. Although we have been left with the impression that the new vehicle will be white, it seems that there is a variant in the opposite color. Whether LARTE will keep both color versions stay unclear. What we know so far is that the project, which will be exhibited at the MIAS event in Moscow, is based on the new Mercedes GLS. The Russian studio says that its new project is a

another crystal added to the range of larte design’s exclusive mercedes-benz projects

Another Crystal added to the range of LARTE Design’s exclusive Mercedes-Benz projects

Mercedes GLS Crystal is the next creation in LARTE’s portfolio LARTE Design is going to reveal a brand new Crystal model at the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) in August. If we have to compare the GLS with a “standard” Mercedes car, then it most certainly will be the S-Class. Both are inarguably very impressive. However, the aforementioned duo is still “mass-production” and offers no or little individuality. LARTE Design has answered the prayers of the uniqueness-seekers w