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premiere for the buick riviera concept vehicle

Premiere For The Buick Riviera Concept Vehicle

A brand new version of the Buick Riviera Concept vehicle made a world debut in Shanghai, showing off its avant-garde aesthetics and range of advanced technology. The concept is powered by a plug-in hybrid electric motor which comes in a single package. The Rivera Concept retains the sweeping design cues of the previous versions, but is more athletic in terms of shape and exudes elegance and deeply sculpted lines. The concept’s silhouette has a three-dimensional effect that resembles waves in

1965 buick riviera piece by egarage

1965 Buick Riviera Piece by eGarage

You're sitting there at your kitchen table, bathrobe still on, sipping coffee and casually glancing at the columns on this morning's Financial Times. Life's pretty good when you are a self-made man - Two kids, a house big enough for two more and a BMW 5-series at the drive alley. Not the F10 though. It's an E60 – you have been financially stable for quite a while now and at the time you were buying it, the F10 wasn't out yet. Maybe you'll wait for the next generation as to not appear too shallow

Buick Riviera Coupe Concept

The Buick Riviera, a stunning concept car designed to showcase Buick's new global design direction, made its global debut today at Auto Shanghai 2007. The gullwing Riviera concept coupe was developed with global design input by the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) in China, a design and engineering joint venture between General Motors and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The Riviera was introduced today by Rick Wagoner, GM Chairman and CEO, and Hu Maoyuan, SAIC Cha