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In the Auto News Category on Automobiles Review you will find everything that has been published on a daily basis: from various production cars to tunings and concepts. Here you can also easily browse through all previously published articles.

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aston martin at the geneva show: there's what to be excited for.

Aston Martin at the Geneva Show: there's what to be excited for.

Aston Martin attends at the 88th Geneva International Motor Snow with confidence and tons of pleasurable surprises for both fans and buyers. As we have learned, the team will make the biggest-ever opening event and would try to impress everyone, including sceptics. The press-conference will be held in stand #2229, located in Hall 2 of the Palexpo Exhibition centre and what audience would see is a new Vantage making its global debut, along

three differences between past and modern-day engines

Three Differences Between Past and Modern-Day Engines

We spoke with the Service Manager at Thompson Hyundai in Baltimore, MD, and we were provided with a few ways engines have evolved through the years: Increased efficiency In today’s automotive worldwide have a lot of technologies that make engines efficient. For example, fuel injectionmixes the fuel and the ai

toyota teases picture of the new corolla machine. details here.

Toyota teases picture of the new Corolla machine. Details here.

Toyota about to unveil the latest generation Corolla. As we all know, this is one of the best-selling models and definitely one of brand’s most popular. The global debut will be accompanied by an exhaustive review and showcase of vehicle’s features and capabilities. In fact, at the Geneva Show Toyota team would also present a new racing concept machine that would mark brand’s return to the world of motorsport. Driven by “mobility for all” mott

toyota reveals aygo: the agile city vehicle that caught our eye!

Toyota reveals Aygo: the agile city vehicle that caught our eye!

The new Aygo was just announced and all Toyota fans and enthusiasts await the unveiling on the 6th of March. The popular city car stands out from the crowd thanks to its beautiful design and numerous advanced technological features. Of course, buyers are also attracted to the machine because of the extended list of customizable options. Not many vehicles offer such a wide range of stuff for the money.So, let’s check out this bad boy in details, s

mazda is named best car brand for the third time. check out why!

Mazda is named Best Car Brand for the third time. Check out why!

Yes, it has happened for a third time. Mazda has been awarded the prestigious Best Car Brand award by US News & World Report. Praised for aesthetics, advanced drivetrain system solutions and numerous hi-end features, Mazda team confidently greets the new 2018 season year. In order to determine the winner, US News Best Cars jury has given scores to all competitors, based on certain requirements. And what has caught the eye, was Mazda’s eleg

even the scandinavian winter cannot scare the mercedes evan! details here!

Even the Scandinavian Winter Cannot Scare the Mercedes eVan! Details here!

Fans and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts have more occasions for celebrations. The agile and versatile E-Vans have now undergone special drivetrain upgrade that make them even more endurable in extreme situations and more precisely, in winter time. The eVito, the second-gen electric van by Mercedes-Benz has been put in the harsh atmospheric conditions of the Scandinavian Arjeplog area, where temperatures can easily reach 30 degrees below zero. The v

volvo team reveals the 2018 v60: it is sexy and advanced. we like it!

Volvo team reveals the 2018 V60: it is sexy and advanced. We like it!

Sweden’s pride, Volvo Cars, has finally revealed the latest V60 five-door mid-size premium wagon. Featuring the well-known SPA platform and top-notch engineer features, this one is surely a worthy Volvo family member. Fans and buyers would one more time relish a beautiful exterior design, mixed with premium and cozy cabin and of course, a refined drivetrain system. And as expected, this vehicle adopts manufacturer’s premium safety features. As

shiny and exclusive: a collaborative project between titans

Shiny and exclusive: a collaborative project between titans

Fostla.de team enriches its partnership network with one more premium tuner: HAMANN. Along with PP-Performance, BRABUS and STARTECH the enlarged team aims towards further exceptional projects and exclusive engineering wonders. And the results are already present: fostla.de reveals the stunning BMW X6 M50d F16. It fe

subaru impreza wrx vs sti

Subaru Impreza WRX vs STi

The hottest kid in town, the coolest guy on the block. Unbeatable. And then what happens, to completely ruin your day? 'Subaru' go and introduce, a new one. The launch, of any car, that enjoys the kind of, cult status, enjoyed but the 'Impreza Turbo', is one tense moment. Get it right, the world will love you. Get it wrong, well, I'll call you some very nasty names. So, let's establish right from the start; they haven't got it wrong at 'Subaru'. 0:54There's nothing wrong wi

2016 mazda cx-9 review

2016 Mazda CX-9 Review

You don't need to possess a large brood to appreciate the plentiful offerings of a 3-row crossover and Mazda's CX-9 has been giving its owners what they want since 2007. And now the long awaited redesign is here showcasing a more premium take on zoom zoom. I was a big fan of the original CX-9. Having taken it on numerous road trips, it always left a very favorable impression on the driver and family alike. But that was born out of the old Ford Motor Company days. This new CX-9

2017 toyota kluger grande

2017 Toyota Kluger Grande

Already one of the country’s most popular SUVs, this seven-seater has just been updated. It has tweaked styling, added equipment and more power from its V6 engine but the Kluger is also more expensive than before. So can it keep up with the competition? The Kluger is one of Toyota’s best-selling models winning over buyers with large interior proportions, loads of power and excellent ownership credentials. The 2017 range starts at $43,550 for the two-wheel drive GX, moving as high

2017 mazda2 sedan

2017 Mazda2 Sedan

I'm not going to lie, size matters, engine, platform, wheels, second row accommodation,and any parent will openly admit, we want to know how big the boot is. Then there's functionality, flexibility, fuel economy, technology, safety, the list goes on. At first glance you’d be fair to assume the Mazda 2 is starting on the back foot, but the reality is Mazda’s light car punches well above its weight. In August 2015, the sedan body style joined the 2 family, strengthening an already sol

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