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audi r18 for 2016 motorsport season debuts in germany

Audi R18 for 2016 Motorsport Season Debuts in Germany

Meet the new Audi R18 which is absolutely ready for the new motorsport season of 2016. The car has just celebrated its world premiere in Munich, Germany, showing that it is the most ever produced. The world premiere happened on the occasion of the Audi Sport Finale at the Audi Training Center Munich on Saturday. And

bentley rolls off the production line the first bentayga in anthracite

Bentley Rolls Off the Production Line the First Bentayga in Anthracite

Bentley Bentayga is the first luxury SUV of its class offered on the market. Yes, we have the Cayenne but here we are speaking of a different and higher kind of luxury experience. The Bentayga will be the benchmark against which all other SUVs are measured and will be definitely defining a brand new segment of the luxury SUV. The good news is that the first ever Bentayga has just roll off the production line in Crewe, UK. As a matter of fact,

the rebel awakens. watch the latest video of porsche cayman gt4 clubsport

The Rebel Awakens. Watch the Latest Video of Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Ten days ago Porsche presented at the L.A. Motor Show its brand new and ecstatic Cayman GT4 Clubsport. Now the luxurious company promotes the car with furious video showing-off the how the sports car behaves in action. There is really nothing much said about it, except for this: “If the rebel inside you dreams of this. Get him on track… Rebels race harder.” And I really like it because it describes the spirit of the Cayman GT4 Clubsport so wel

the advantages of boxer engine design

The Advantages of Boxer Engine Design

It is said that “boxer engines” get their name from the way that the pistons move. The pistons move horizontally, in an opposing, side-to-side manner sort of like two boxers punching at each other. Over the years, this unique design has been used from everything from Volkswagons, Porsches to Subarus and BMW motorcycles.  Boxer engines are an elegant engine design and offer natural advantages for automotive design engineers.  Let’s take a closer look at these unique engines. Engine balance

airbags – what you should know

Airbags – What You Should Know

The concept of the airbag, a soft pillow to land against during a crash, had been around for many years before anyone thought of using them in cars. In fact, the first patent on an inflatable crash-landing device for aircraft was actually filed during World War II.  None were made during the conflict and it wasn’t until the 1980s that the technology migrated into the automotive industry. The early automotive airbag designs were impractical and expensive. The main concern for design engineers

choosing head units

Choosing Head Units

It's often called a radio, but a "head unit" is a perhaps a better term for this audio component since it is the brains and command center for a car's sound system. The head unit is usually located on the dash and allows you to choose things like: what station to listen to, the music volume, what song you wish to hear - along with many other functions. Here's an in-depth look at the various elements that make up today’s automotive head units. The Tuner In the early days, the only entertainme

about car audio amplifiers

About Car Audio Amplifiers

If you are installing a high-end sound system in your car, you are likely considering the purchase of a separate power amplifier.  Factory sound systems do have built-in audio amplifiers but they may not satisfy the needs of enthusiasts with a desire for powerful sound – that’s when separate power amplifiers come into play. In this article, we will look over the basic parameters that you should be knowledgeable about when choosing a power amplifier for the ultimate audio sound system in your

fresher than ever: ac schnitzer upgrades the recently premiered bmw 3-series

Fresher Than Ever: AC Schnitzer Upgrades the Recently Premiered BMW 3-Series

It is still fresh and new, but it has already a comprehensive upgrade: two 3-series LCI models are now geared with numerous additional features with the aid of tuning specialists AC Schnitzer. The engineering team has helped  to improve the power units of the 316d and 335d to additional 139hp (102kW) for the 316d  and 360hp (263kW) for the 335d model. All the performance upgrades make the 3-series even more interesting and more appealing for c


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