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kahn announces plans for speed 7 racer inspired by the 30s

Kahn Announces Plans for Speed 7 Racer Inspired by the 30s

Speed 7 is a vintage inspired racer which is Afzal Kahn's third coach-building car. After we have seen the birth of the successful Flying Huntsman at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and the WB12 Vengeance that is still to be launched this year, it is now time for the designers to continue with their exclusive projects.

hyundai's sub-brand n will demonstrate some incredible models

Hyundai's Sub-Brand N Will Demonstrate Some Incredible Models

Hyundai Motor will demonstrate its high performance sub-brand N at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. This brand is the result of intensive testing, numerous experiments and tons of passion. Now, N comes to demonstrate Hyundai's successful motorsport experiences and technological advances.

kia releases first official pictures of 2016 sportage

Kia Releases First Official Pictures of 2016 Sportage

Kia Motors has revealed the first official exterior images of the fresh Kia Sportage. The vehicle features an attractive design and will make its global debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show on 15 September 2015. The fourth-generation Sportage will come with nice and dynamic design which catches the sporty

peugeot reveals 308 racing cup edition based on 308 gti [video]

Peugeot Reveals 308 Racing Cup Edition Based on 308 GTi [VIDEO]

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup is the most outrageous and radical model in Peugeot’s line-up. Based on the 308i GTi by PEUGEOT SPORT, this racer is entirely ready to take a leading position on the racetrack. And here is why. One-off Design The racing car was designed by the team at Style Peugeot, who has

mazda2 gets ingenious sport black special edition

Mazda2 Gets Ingenious Sport Black Special Edition

Mazda2 is getting a brand new Sport Black Special Edition with stylish and sophisticated enhancements. Although the supermini model is already fitted with high levels of standard specification, its sporty styling improvements give a sense of individuality. This particular model is based on the 90PS SE-L Nav trim level

2016 renault talisman estate: are two talismans enough?

2016 Renault Talisman Estate: Are Two Talismans Enough?

Renault has unveiled the Talisman Estate which will stand along the saloon version, revealed on 6 July. The fresh estate vehicle will deliver the same nice technologies and gadgets like the its saloon brother, but will also have some extra load-carrying abilities. And while bringing all the benefits of the saloon ve

oxigin ford f100 show car is hell of a truck! and here is why

OXIGIN Ford F100 Show Car is Hell of a Truck! And Here is Why

OXIGIN Ford F100 Show Car is one of the rarest examples of truly unique vehicle! With its strange looks, almost 60 years of history and unique tuning equipment, this truck immediately stands out. And we are sure no one can argue with that, right? Well, we must also admit that OXIGIN team has done a

2016 jaguar f-pace will come with even more dynamics and flexibility

2016 Jaguar F-Pace Will Come With Even More Dynamics and Flexibility

The latest Jaguar F-PACE will be the first ever performance crossover from the well-known British manufacturer and will also include numerous technologies and design concepts to ensure it will defend brand's prestige. And furthermore, the F-PACE vehicle will be offered with numerous dynamics technol