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lexus team gains more and more confidence. what more should we expect?

Lexus team gains more and more confidence. What more should we expect?

So, When Can We Expect the Hydrogen Lexus? Now that right there is a question that many in the automotive industry and automotive journalism industry has been discussing and wondering for quite some time. When will we get to look at this groundbreaking technology that Lexus has been working on for some time? Will it be worth the wait? How will it be designed, and most of all how will the consumer base accept or decline it? Let us answer a c

delorean: why is it so special?

DeLorean: why is it so special?

John Zachary DeLorean: A Man Who Brought Change to the Auto Industry You probably know what a DeLorean car is if you have seen Back to the Future. However, what you might not know is the story behind John DeLorean! Continue reading to learn about John Z. DeLorean’s life and how he moved up the corporate ladder! DeLorean’s Beginnings In January of 1925 in Detroit, Michigan a boy with the last name “DeLorean” was born. When DeLorean was young, he was mechanically talented and tinkered wit

even the mightiest of cars should bear good tires. here's why!

Even the mightiest of cars should bear good tires. Here's why!

Are Your Tires too Old to Be Driving on? Of all your car's parts, its tires have the greatest effect on the way it handles and brakes. Unfortunately, failures of older tires have resulted in fatalities. Thus, it’s important to keep an eye on your tires! The investigation into the accident’s cause that killed actor Paul Walker in 2013 revealed that the Porsche Carrera GT he was riding in had nine-year-old tires. The California Highway Patrol in

is there anything else we can expect from the durango lineup?

Is there anything else we can expect from the Durango lineup?

Hemi Durango in The Works? FCA went into SEMA show in Las Vegas this past year hoping to show off some of their new concepts, designs, and had hoped that something might stick. Well one concept truly did stick with the audience and the internet when it was shown off, and that was the bright blue Durango concept, which they called the “Durango Shaker”. Shortly after the revealing it was reported by major news outlets that the extremely posit

larte design showcases its latest project! and it is sexy!

LARTE Design showcases its latest project! And it is sexy!

LARTE Design celebrates its second decade of delivering us some outstanding vehicles with a special 20th Anniversary tuning kit with a real scoop. This is exclusive Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe package definitely impresses with style and presence. And provided that it bears the name of LARTE Design, things got really intere

presents revealed: volkswagen showcases the 2017 golf gti

Presents revealed: Volkswagen showcases the 2017 Golf GTI

Volkswagen decided to showcase the Christmas presents. Or, more precisely, the present: 2017 VW Golf can already be ordered. Not only that, but the brand also revealed full list of trim levels and optional features that can be selected with each single 2017 vehicle. So, let’s see what would please the Volkswagen fans a

gipsy king by vilner: brand's latest styling project is here!

Gipsy King by Vilner: brand's latest styling project is here!

Art Studio Vilner presents its latest creation: The Gipsy King. The super exclusive project that takes the S-Class even further in luxury and refinement. And it definitely catches the eye. Both with refinement and quality. So, let’s see what Vilner clients want to drive, shall we? First of all, the fine gentleman and Vilner client has chosen a rather powerful base model: a 585hp S-Class with all that Mercedes-Benz has to offer as additional eq

safety is the new sexy. at least, in audi's own eyes

Safety is the new sexy. At least, in Audi's own eyes

Good news for Audi lovers out there! The latest A5 and Q2 models have been awarded with top grades in the NCAP test! This confirms that both babes are not only super functional and sexy, but also can endure on any road challenge that threatens the safety of driver and passengers. So, what impressed the judges? First

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