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BMW News

BMW Individual Reveals Special 4-Series Gran Coupe in Frozen Brilliant White

BMW Individual 4-Series Gran Coupe in BiColor has just been launched on the official Facebook page of the Bavarian company and shown via four exclusive images. We immediately liked it and now we present it to you in its full glory and luxurious features. Although there is not a lot of information re

Vorsteiner BMW M4 Gets EVO Aero Kit

Vorsteiner BMW M4 EVO Aero is the last one of the four Bavarians featured today. Next to the M4 Convertible, X6 and the 7-Series, this one will make the perfect cream of the joke. What is so special about it? Well, I like simplicity and the fact that it looks stylish enough. It has also has been revealed through several very good pictures, which you can view below. Not to mention that it is an M-Series, meaning that it has to offer 425hp coming from its twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine.

G-Power BMW 760i Breaks Standards with 610HP

G-Power BMW 760i or in other words the next BMW featured on our site today. This time, knowing that G-Power is extremely capable in boosting performance, we will focus exactly on this. Or to say it like this, you will find out how the experts have managed to add 66 hp and 120 Nm to this 7-Series. Precisely, the V12 bi-turbo engine in the current 760i F01 is capable of boasting 544 hp (400 kW) and 750 Nm (554 lb-ft) of torque. This is quite impressive, but when it comes to engine tuning, people always demand more

BMW X6 Received an Interesting Upgrade from LUMMA Design

The latest BMW X6 received an impressive body work by LUMMA Design. Now, their latest creation is called CLR X6R. And it looks really good. Let's check it out. After the catoonish pack, released in 2014, the LUMMA team decided to go for something wider and larger. The crew added massive 22-inch alloy wheels with bea

mbDESIGN BMW M4 Convertible is Perfect For Hot Summer Days

mbDESIGN BMW M4 Convertible is not only perfect for the summer, because it is all about an open top experience, but it is also the first of the four BMWs that are going to be featured on AutomobilesReview today. Let me tell you about what you should expect: there is another M4, a 7-Series and a huge and aggressively lo

BXR Teases Another Sporty Concept

So, what do we have here? A special concept vehicle, with some stunning visuals. Sadly, there are only two pictures at the moment, but even they are enough to show everyone what BXR team has created.  It definitely is a sports car and it definitely looks confident and badass. With the glossy and distinctive orange finish and with the massive and aggressively-looking face the vehicle looks like it will consume you right trough the two photos. And what do the BXR team has to say about it? They

RevoZport BMW M4 Exemplifies the Best Way to Boost Your M-Series

BMW M3 and M4 are probably examples of the most praised German cars around the world. And when it comes to M series, BMW enthusiasts always go crazy, don’t they? This is beneficial especially for tuning companies, because they always offer help when it comes to making the most individual, the best

BMW Individual Celebrates 25th Birthday with Custom BMW M4 Coupe

2015 BMW M4 Coupe by BMW Individual is a vehicle which one does not see every day. There are several reasons for this fact. First it is an M4 series, and as we all know, the most favorited among all M specifications are the M3s. The other reason is that the car has been customized by BMW Individual,