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BMW News

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We all know that BMW 1 Series M Coupe with 340 hp (250 kW) is not that delicate, but there is good news for the fans out there. The brand OK-Chiptuning in Neukirchen-Vluyn, that specializes in software for optimization sometimes likes to tweak with gadgets just to prove wrong. So, there is one BMW 1 Series M Cou

top 10 most important considerations when buying a car 

What new-car buyers really want? Maybe some will count on the looks, the other on the horsepower, third on safety. But what exactly do new car-buyers desire when it comes to choose the perfect car? Recently, there was a survey published, which gave us some insights on customers’ behavior when it comes to making t

lightweight bmw x4 is dressed to impress

LIGHTWEIGHT tuner has set its eyes on BMW X4. Thanks to the professional team, the crossover-SUV is “dressed to impress”. The car has gained optimized and more exciting look and can now demonstrate stronger driving dynamics. The performance improvements are done with the help of an extra control unit that guarantees 365 HP (268 kW) with a peak torque of 690 Nm. Another way is through field boost which delivers even more horses, precisely 375 HP (276 kW). Torque rates are increased to 700 Nm. Finally ther

bmw releases 2016 m235i track edition limited to 12 copies only

2016 BMW M235i Track Edition received this beautiful photo-shoot in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which you can view in our gallery below. The reason for it wasn’t a shier enjoinment of the images, but the fact that BMW is actually introducing a special edition of only 12 copies to the Netherlands

g-power bmw 435d xdrive f32 shows amazing performance

G-Power BMW 435d xDrive F32 will make BMW fans go crazy! The 4-Series has gone under significant engine update and as a result it is now capable of showing more performance compared to its stock siblings and even compared to upper-range models. Of course, the modifications were carefully conducted by the expert knowled

bmw 3 320d ed sport comes with style and confidence

BMW 3 320d ED Sport will be offered with two trim levels and numerous optional goodies BMW 3 320d ED Sport model will now receive some upgrades and changes, so it will have even better sporty appearance. Based on the recently unveiled ED Plus model, the ED Sport comes with special Sport trim, that also offers and the

bmw m4 dtm champion edition individualized by tvw car design

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition was released back in October last year. If you remember well, then you should also know that this car was released to pay tribute to the DTM Champion Marco Wittmann. The car was released in 23 units only, which number isn’t coincidental but inspired by the number 23 on

hamann and fostla.de unite for a special mirr6r bmw m6 project

Hamann BMW M6 F13 Mirr6r by fostla.de is a project which involves not one but two tuning companies. This may sound a little bit flamboyant to you, but just take a look at the pictures in our gallery and you will find out how beautiful this car looks. Not to repeat that this is a BMW M6. Under mod