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BMW News

bmw 740le xdrive iperformance: next big trend or next

Sporty Appearance with Efficient Heart So, we can finally review it! The new BMW flagship model comes with some more futuristic systems and technologies. One of the most interesting is definitely the eDrive system with plug-in hybrid drive system that uses some precise executed interplay of a four-cylinder gasoline engines with Twin Power Turbo technology. In fact, the new plug-in hybrid unit delivers some dynamic driving experience, blen

noelle motors impresses with bmw 750i’s new power capability

The iconic BMW 750i receives a three staged power uprating program This project will excite many BMW enthusiasts, because it adds more power within the means of three upgrade stages. The conversion has been developed for the BMW 750i G11, and those looking for an uprating might consider this one. So, here are the details. If you are very strongly linked with your love for BMW, then you should probably know the tuning company called noel

3ddesign and carbonfiber dynamics teams took a closer look to a lucky m5 model. check out the result!

Carbonfiber Dynamics, Europe's largest distributor of exclusive carbon parts proudly shows its latest creation: the BMW F10 M5. What is so special about this sweetie is that it showcases the highest stage of evolution in the world of carbon-fiber technology. Sounds coo to me. So, what do we got here? A pack with front lip, side sills, diffuser and spoiler all created exclusively by 3DDesign in Japan. As you know, 3DDesign is well known among B

rock'n'roll to the bone: witness the restoration of elvis' favourite bmw vehicle!

BMW Group Classic proudly presents the completely restored and refreshed roadster of the King of Rock'n'Roll, Elvis! As any vehicle enthusiast would tell you, this is one of the most spectacular classic-car discoveries of recent years. The BMW 507, personally driven by Elvis Presley has somehow vanished for almost 50 years and until recently it was believed that it was lost forever. Luckily, the automobile was discovered and BMW Group Classic

dÄhler is taking the bmw x4 m40i to unknown levels of performance and aerodynamics

dÄHLer BMW X4 M40i equipped with tuner’s “competition line” offers unmatched horsepower The tuning company dÄHLer strikes again with an exclusive project, which this time is based on the X4 M40i powered by the N55-engine. The significant customization pushes further the innate capabilities of the SUV. Equipped with what the tuner is calling “dÄHLer competition line”, this X4 M40i is more powerful and dynamic as it has ever bee

jms offers distinctive ways for bmw m1 improvement

JMS BMW M1 run on brand new alloys and features upgraded suspension BMW 1 Series M Coupe is not the typical Bavarian model that the fans would rather go for. In fact, exactly this variant, which was introduced back in 2011, is one of the least seen on the streets. Not only because of the fact that it is 1 Series M

g-power shows how to make the fastest coupe even faster

BMW M4 Coupe gets a comprehensive power upgrade Did you know that the BMW M4 GTS is almost twice the price of a normal M4 Coupe? It is priced approximately at 142,600 euros ($161,200 USD), but this does not seem to bother enthusiasts. Another interesting fact about the limited edition M4 GTS is that it will be p

speed-buster celebrates the 30th anniversary of bmw m5 with unique tuning program

SPEED-BUSTER offers comprehensive power upgrade for the entire BMW M5 range BMW 5-Series is 44 years old! Can you believe that? It is almost impossible to grasp that one of the most iconic models in BMW’s lineup has debuted back in 1972 and ever since then it has been praised as being one of the best middle class prestige saloons. Fourteen years later, in 1986, BMW released an M version (M5) of the model, topping a 286 hp of performance

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