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BMW News

bmw releases a special limited-run tourer model for italy and japan

There is a special limited BMW vehicle, heading for Italy and Japan. It would be a celebration for the 40 years of the model's launch back in 1975. Back in these years the 3-series was offered as a compact two-door sedan, with rear-wheel-drive and was powered by a petrol engine. But nowardays, the 320d xDrive Touring 40 Years Edition comes with 4x4 system and a diesel powereplant. And I forgot to mention that there will be only 100 created. So, i

kbr motorsport and the fierce bmw m3 clubsport

KBR Motorsport is a name we do not hear very often. This time the tuner is related with BMW and specifically with the M3 Clubsport model. The car was subject to a total transformation: starting with the interior, continuing to the external appearance and ending with the engine boost. As a result, KBR made an entirely sports car, full of thirst for motorsport experiences. Weight Loss? The interior of the 2013 M3 Coupe was entirely stripped down. And therefore the most logical thing to do was to remove all unne

bmw m6 coupe competition edition will debut at 2015 fiaa

The latest BMW M6 Coupe Competition Edition will be presented at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. The vehicle will offer exceptional individuality, thanks to the special paintwork, the unique carbon-fiber components and the fine leather with contrast stitching. But as we know, shiny stuff and fluffy interio

vision of speed for the latest bmw m4

VOS BMW M4: the first thing that we can say about it is that it received unique photo-shoot. You can view the high definition imagery in the gallery below. But this car is more than just pictures. Of course, the fact that it is based on the BMW’s latest M4-Series makes the project initially outrageous. Having this good basis, the specialists at VISION OF SPEED (VOS) carefully added some goodies. Let’s see what they have included. More Power for the Drivetrain Without any enhancements, M4

another bmw m235i cabriolet project mightier than its stock brother

DTE-Systems BMW M235i is a very special version of the M235i cabriolet that features enhanced power and some other playful characteristics. But before we discus the benefits that this car comes with, we should also remind you that the last news published about BMW was also about the M235i. SEE ALSO: dÄHLer Releases BMW M235i Cabriolet with 390HP However, it was a M235i-tuning project by dÄHLer, which as a result generated around 390 horsepowe

dÄhler releases bmw m235i cabriolet with 390hp

dÄHLer BMW M235i Cabriolet is a product of the Swiss tuning company dÄHLer Design & Technik GmbH. The aim in every project the experts do is to eventually offer optimized and exclusive driving pleasure. And this is exactly what has happened with this BMW M235i Cabrio. As a matter of fact, the car is the forerunner of M2 and this makes everything a little bit more exhilarating. Tuning for the Engine The compact cabriolet received a performance improvement for its engine. As a result the car now can generate

was d3 bi-turbo's facelift necessary?

Alpina has finally demonstrated dthe D3 Bi-Turbo refreshment for sedan and estate models. As you know, the vehicle is influenced by the facelift of the BMW 3-Series and now it offers restyled grille, front spoiler, LED headlights and some changed graphics. The interior has also received its attention and now includes high-quality components and numerous more additions, that will be part of the standard equipment. For example, Cruise Control System and Park Distance Control System. But the

simple but charming: meet jms bmw 5-series facelift

JMS Fahrzeugteile BMW 5-Series Facelift is an example how sometimes tiny changes can make a “big deal”. Not everybody, including me, like pompous tunings or modifications. In fact, if there are people who think like I do, then they will find that some conversions are even equal to unnecessary spent money. But it de