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Ford News

the lightweight 2016 ford gt becomes even lighter: there are carbon-fiber wheels already available

The carbon-fiber-bodied Ford GT will be available with an optional all-new carbon-fiber wheels for further weight reduction and handling optimization. With collaborating partner Carbon Revolution, Ford presents the next-gen of fiber and resin technology that will probably change the world of technology. These optional wheels will be offered with matte or glossy finish, allowing the natural weave of the carbon-fiber to show through. Also, the f

honda jazz type r, ford ka st, volkswagen up! gti and the bmw m i3 are the craziest vehicles you’ll see this weekend!

Imagine that you could drive a Honda Jazz, but with a Type R specification and look; or a BMW i3, but beautified and powered by the M Division. It might sound crazy, but the world we live in makes every imagination a reality. Especially in the virtual reality. We have received these crazy renderings, which show four seriously unlikely hot hatches. And although you might not be into this kind of endeavor, I promise it is worth the view! The ima

6,506 potential customers get the chance to own the ecoboost-powered ford gt

Revealed more than a year ago, the new Ford GT has caught the interest of many people around the world. The evidence is that more than 200,000 fans have visited the official virtual configurator and have built the Ford GT of their dreams. From this number of people, around 10,800 showed interest online in buying the new EcoBoost-powered carbon-infused supercar. The result is the following: Ford received 6,506 fully completed applications from peo

car buying made easier: top tips and tricks when looking for used automobile

The sale of used car is one of the most important topics when you can not afford buying brand new vehicle. There are always a lot of options and you always look for the best advice when it comes to making the big decision. Important information is at hand when it comes to the safety and risks in used car buying, which is sometimes tricky. Before the Search Starts However, there are several milestones that can make your life easier. And this is

ford invites everyone to a special exhibition event. check it out!

Ford and the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum (NIHF) are to unveil an unique Mustang vehicle that blends classic and contemporary features of the 1965 model and the 2015 model in one-of-a-kind exposition. This split-personality Mustang is part of a new Intellectual Property Power Exhibit at the NIHF and along with other exhibits, the Mustang is here to celebrate the story of intellectual property and the illumination of science and innov

ford performance and the story behind 2016 focus rs rx

As you might know, Ford Focus RS RX was designed in order to become the ultimate rallycross  car in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. In collaboration with UK-based M-Sport and Hoonigan Racing Division, Ford Performance engineering team implemented the same cutting-edge technologies and high-tech instruments to d

wrapworks creates new outfit for the mustang gt fastback

Another interesting tuning project for today is presented before us by the German specialists at WRAPworks. Their name might sound misleading, because this tuning is not only about foil wrapping, but also modifications regarding performance and driving enjoinment. Although the Mustangs are not a common car in Europe, W

beijing shows big interest in ford f-150 raptor supercrew 

Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew is a high-performance off-road pickup currently available to preview at the Beijing International Auto Show. It will be released on the Chinese market next year, delivering new level of capability to the off-road enthusiasts due to its purpose-built engine, chassis and suspension. In addi

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