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so, why classic cars are so awesome and why everyone is in love with them?

How classic cars are breaking the mould The traditional stereotype of classic cars owners is that they tend to be staid, sensible chaps around retirement age in flat caps and anoraks. Like all stereotypes, that is a somewhat reductive view that doesn’t reflect the true diversity of the half a million (and counting) classic car owners in the UK. Indeed, it's becoming even more inaccurate, as the demographics of classic car ownership are cu

the oldsmobile diesel & its outcome

Here’s the story of General Motor’s diesel V8, which highlights one of the silliest things done in automotive history: During the mid-1970s, meeting new federal EPA emissions regulations was resulting in issues for car manufacturers and their dealerships. The solution, at least to some General Motors executives, was to rush some  diesel engines to the marketplace.  According to StorkAuto,  this was probably because diesels were not subject to the same emissions requirements as gasoline

ford ranger by mr car design: eye-candy and a beast at the same time

The well-respected professionals at MR Car Design from Erftstadt strikes again! As you may know, these fine gentlemen are a sort of magicians with incredible powers in the field of exclu-sive tuning and refinement of sports and luxury vehicles. And here they are proudly revealing their latest creation: Lifestyle. This is a Ford truck that has undergone some comprehensive tun-ing program and now catches the eye with some incredible features. So, l

the benefits of diesel over petrol

The Benefits of Diesel Over Petrol As you begin the process of shopping for a truck the question of diesel versus petrol is bound to come up. Many trucks are available in diesel only, and for people who have never had diesel you may be wondering what the benefits are. Diesel actually has all kinds of advantages, as we will take a closer look and discover. This could also explain why diesel is seeing such a huge rise in popularity in places such as Europe and Australia. It's All About the Milea

hennessey performance strikes again. this time the lucky vehicle is ford mustang! [video]

Mustang has finally revealed some information about the performance rates of the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelb GT350 and GT350R. As you might know, both vehicles are limited to only 50 units and both of them showcase some incredible performance stats. However, many people were still not satisfied about what is written on piece of paper and they did want real performance show. And they got one. A pretty tough one. And luckily, there is a sweet video

velociraptor has evolved! check the latest edition here!

Do you remember the VelociRaptor we have told you about? Well, it can already be ordered. The deals start from $290,000 and will grant you one super cool machine. Along with a 4 doors, 6x6 locking rear axles, revised suspension system, exclusive front and rear bumpers, rollbar and LED lights. Cool. But this is not all:

ford reveals the new ka+: it is appealing, agile and fresh. check it out!

The latest Ford KA+ model will try to be the most spacious KA model so far and will also make its best to deliver even better fuel efficiency rates all this topped with some sweet visuals. But let's start from the beginning, shall we? Exterior design Inspired by Ford's neat design solutions, the sweetheart is well-proportioned and showcases neat high-mounted trapezoidal grille, large headlamps, overall tight body shape and this agility and ride

meet the velociraptor: hennessey's vision over ford suvs

So, what do we got here? One sweet and long Ford vehicle. But this is not just any sweet and long vehicle. This is the VelociRaptor SUV! This F-250 on steroids truck has a lot to demonstrate: first of all, it comes with style. We see a neat-looking Ford SUV with clean lines, minimal curves and sleek black glossy finish

48-liter gallon fuel tank on ford crewcab? yes, please!

2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty, believed to be the toughest, smartest and most versatile Super Duty vehicle that brand has ever produced, receives additional goodies. More precisely, it is just one, but a massive one: a 48-gallon fuel tank. Ford engineers' idea is to reduce the fill-ups and allow drivers to have more ti

carlex design interprets the fascinating 1967 ford mustang fastback

The iconic muscle car gets unparalleled interior design Among the best interior tuning designers out there is undoubtedly Carlex Design. And by tuning the cabin of this 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback they have done literally the unimaginable: the experts have created a space that looks like a fine art. It is a stunning mixture of the old and new, which highlights the intense character of the most iconic of all Mustangs. On the outside, the

ford to become a leader in autonomous technology by 2021?

Ford autonomous vehicles target Ride Sharing in 2021 With the burst of the autonomous technology, brand are in some sort of unannounced battling, constantly improving it and trying to bring the first innovations in the field. The latest news about the fully autonomous technology comes from Ford. It has just anno

a tale of super trucks and drones: ford's challenge towards all technicians out there!

It looks as Ford team is proud of their new 2017 F-Series Super Duty Truck and do want everyone to see it rolling. And what did they do? Take the vantage point to the next level. Quite literally. What Ford crew is planning, is indeed to take the mighty truck for a walk and the same time record the beast in action with a drone. Their personal signature drone machine. The Super Duty truck will be captured in bird's-eye view all across rural road