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Skoda News

when it comes to a 60,000 miles ride, skoda superb should be your choice

So, what we have here? The latest SKODA Superb and the European jury. Something else? Yes. After a complex and serious research, the jury team decided, that 2016 Skoda Superb is one of the most reliable and safe vehicles, when it comes to a course of three years or otherwise said, 60,000 miles. 2

skoda improves rapid spaceback range

Skoda announced some changes made in the Rapid Spaceback range. The goal was to create the best possible version of the car, which will also satisfy customer’s needs in terms of versatility of equipment. There are three trim levels, which will make sure that this aim is accomplished. As mentioned, the changes are featured across the whole new range. With its exceptional style and practicality, Rapid Spaceback is now going to be offered in three trim levels: S, SE Tech and SE Sport. SEE ALS

skoda reveals fabia r5 combi at wörthersee

The GTI Meeting in Wörthersee is the place where brands have the chance to show their sporty side. We have already shown you a lot of Volkswagens and now it is time for Skoda, which is displaying five sports cars. Four of them are base don the Fabia mode and the fifth one is Octavia Combi RS 230. In addition, at the event visitors can also compete with mini racing cars in “SKODA’s Crazy Rally Ride”. One of the most important cars in company’s lineup is the Fabia R5 Combi. It is powered by the 1.6-litre

skoda fabia r5 combi to debut at wörthersee

The Wörthersee meeting this year will be full of surprises. After the reveal of the Fabia R5, Skoda has announced that it will also display a Combi version of the model. In fact, at the meeting there will be exactly five Skoda racers and four sporty versions of the Fabia. Next to the aforementioned two cars, the visitors of the event will also see the FUNstar concept, the Fabia with Design package Red & Grey, the Octavia Combi RS 230 and Skoda’s Crazy Rally Ride. However, we will have to wait until tomorrow

skoda fabia r5 promises even more victories.

ŠKODA Fabia R5 made a sensation at its first race, when the ŠKODA team took home made a flawless race and took home the victory. The first race of the R5 was on the Šumava Klatovy Rally. Now, the car will be presented on the 34Tth GTI meetin at Wörthersee along with another three ŠKODA sports cars. ŠKODA team have recreated the Fabia R5 to create ŠKODA R5 Combi show vehicle. The ride will be in green, white and black colors, mounted on 18-inch alloy wheels. You will recognize the sporty design instantly w

funstar skoda comes with a fun project

Skoda Auto demonstrates a dream car for 23 trainees from the SKODA Auto Vocational School. This is a fun car concept and it is based on the SKODA Fabia model. The name? ŠKODA FUNstar pickup. Fun, right? The SKODA FUNstar will be shown at the 34th GTI Meeting at Wörthersee from 13 to 16 May 2015. The 23 young trainees have been tweaking and tinkering the vehicle since November 2014. All of the young engineers participated in the creation and gave numerous ideas, solutions, drawings and desig