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Volkswagen News

volkswagen shows first looks of the upcoming amarok

Volkswagen has big news and we mean it literally. The toughest and biggest vehicle in its lineup (precisely in the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles lineup) is the Amarok, which is about to make it to the catwalk with its brand new appearance. The German company has unveiled some details and showed three teaser sketches o

volkswagen teases hybrid suv concept ahead of premiere in beijing

Volkswagen has big news. Not only for those visiting the Beijing Motor Show, but also for everybody else. We are looking forward to see this machine on European and US roads soon, despite that it is obviously dedicated to the customers in Beijing. There are many reasons to want this SUV coming to the Old and New Continents, and here we will try to make a review why it will be beneficial to have such vehicle here. But first, ahead of the offici

bbm motorsport releases video of 815 hp volkswagen golf gen one during dyno testing

BBM Motorsport is lately gathering strength and releasing in a row so nice projects that we just can’t keep our hands off the keyboard and not writing a word about them. Just like the last project, the heavily uprated Chevy Corvette C7 Z06, the tuners optimized a Volkswagen Golf (note!) from the first generation to the unimaginable 815 horsepower. But this is not all! They have captured a dyno session with it on a video, which you are lucky to

2016 vw polo r wrc: what we know so far

Volkswagen has finally revealed and insight into the next generation of Polo R WRC. The FIA World Rally Championship makes its confident steps towards a wonderful season year. Or at least we do hope so. The Polo R WRC is expected to generate about 380hp (280kW). This means that the model will produces 60hp (45kW) more than the current one and of course, Volkswagen designers ensure us that the new Polo R WRC will be lighter and with improved aerodynamic capabilities. As you might know, Volkswa

volkswagen touran gets significant updates for engine range and interior styling

The latest edition of Volkswagen Touran went on sale in October stronger than ever before and it has never been so well equipped. The German company is now updating the engine range with two new units. In addition, there is also a brand new design pack, which offers more style for the interior. Here are the details. The New Engines The expanded range of Touran engines from now features two new powerful variants. The first one is the 180 PS (132

vw introduces the special golf 40th anniversary

Golf GTI, Volkswagen's iconic and popular "hot hatch" confidently and proudly steps into its 40th anniversary and in order to celebrate the wonderful event, VW reveals a special 40th anniversary edition. Already available for order, the Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40 is here to show why this particular lineup has been kicking some serious ass for almost half a decade. Exterior styling For this special model, designers created a completely new front bumper, new side sills, rear diffuser and also a fresh multi-part

volkswagen showcases the fresh and muscular tiguan!

The first version of the fresh Tiguan SUV is already available for order at Volkswagen retailers worldwide. Especially created to set new benchmark in the compact SUV segment, this beauty also introduces some cutting edge technologies, class-leading levels of interior comfort and trustworthy safety features. So, let's

a-team’s bus lives again thanks to rfk tuning

We rarely publish news like this, but this one is very intriguing, since this Volkswagen T5 looks like a masterpiece. This time under the spotlight is the designer’s team at the RFK and its unique take on the popular T5 bus from VW. As a matter of fact, the van looks like an A-Team van that was adapted to a VW T5 Bus. You might wonder what is A-Team? This is a group of ex-US Army Special Forces men called “The A-Team” founded back in 1980. The band battled bad guys on the small screen every evening, creati

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