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Volkswagen News

Golf Models with BlueMotion Powerplant Units Will be Available in UK

Golf models will be ordered for UK with their new highly-efficient engines. The hatchback, Estate and SV models are now powered with the three-cylinder 1.0-liter 115 hp (84kW) turbocharged BlueMotion engine. Furthermore, the Golf models will be offered and with the special DSG automatic gearbox. Wit

MR Racing Volkswagen Golf is Entirely Transformed

MR Racing Volkswagen Golf started as a simple Mk 7 GTD. When the tuners at MR Racing finished with it, we can say that it has nothing in common with its production siblings. And here it is why: the experts not only enhanced the visual appearance of the car, but also added more power to the output and created a special sound generator system, which produces a V8-like sound. There is more to that but you need to read further to get to know this version of the Golf better. Sound Generator The most interesting additi

ABT Volkswagen Touareg is Capable of 290HP

ABT Volkswagen Touareg is more potent than ever, because t has received a boost by the talented tuners at ABT Sportsline. Not to mention that the vehicle also looks fantastic due to the addition of various additional design elements. The attractive uprating is actually with more than 30 horsepower and 70 Nm of torque. ABT ‘New Generation’ Supercharger As a standard the Touareg is fitted with the latest 3.0 TDI engine, which produces 262 hp (193 kW) and 580 Nm (428 lb-ft) of torque. After t has received the po

Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion Receives Various Updates

Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion and Volkswagen Passat Estate BlueMotion have received a wide range of updates, which will enhance their appeal. The multi-award-winning vehicles will not only count on looks, but will also perform exceptionally efficient for its future owners. Precisely, both models return 76.3 mpg and emit

Volkswagen California Gets Improved Engine Range and Upgrades

Volkswagen California has been just unveiled and it is based on the T6 model variant. There is something charming about vans carrying the VW badge up front, isn’t it? It reminds me of the famous hippie days filled with freedom and excitement about the new era ahead. This Volkswagen California actu

Volkswagen Jetta GLI Now with More Equipment and Updates

2016 Volkswagen Jetta GLI was just revealed exclusively by Volkswagen of America. The sedan is considered the most capable and potent variant of the Jetta and also a best-selling model. The car now comes equipped with more features and has a sportier stance. The latter is achieved via the specially tuned sport suspensi

Volkswagen Phaeton Facelift Revealed!

2015 Volkswagen Phaeton has received so many updated that when we saw them we were very happy. However, what made me really sad is that the car is going to go on sale in China only. The Phaeton facelift will be distributed in China only because the country is model’s largest market by far. The exterior modifications include new graphics for the front and tail LEDs as well as many specific features that distinguish this particular model. Although there aren’t any pictures of the interior i

Volkswagen Releases CC Dynamic Black Edition in Europe

Volkswagen CC Dynamic Black has been just unveiled. It is a special limited edition series which has a name that speaks of its character a lot. The key word is of course “black” and “dynamic” signifies the untamed nature of the CC model that is highlighted by the featured engine range. This particular model fea