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Welcome to the daily automotive news source - Automobiles Review. Offering a daily updated database of car pictures and news, here you will find everything: from luxury cars to modified vehicles.

Volkswagen News

Tanner Foust Racing ENEOS RWB Volkswagen Beetle with SEMA Premiere

Volkswagen Beetle is conquering SEMA in a special form which is a result of the collaboration between Volkswagen rallycross driver Tanner Foust and famed Porsche tuners RAUH-Welt B

Post by Lidia Todorova on 04 November 2014

2014 World's Greatest Drag Race

Motor Trend has once again presented us with their annual World’s Greatest Drag Race video. How can a person not love it when in the last video we can see 10 of the world’s most badass sports car and supercars gathered in one place?! That’s pretty freaking amazing! So prepare for a mixture of epic sound, speed and performance! This ye

Post by Katya Mikova on 30 October 2014

Volkswagen Up! Becomes Sportier in Germany

Two years ago Volkswagen introduced a super mini car called with the strange name up! It became a big hit around the globe and it is common view on the city streets, thanks to its fuel-efficient characteristics, great price and convenient dimensions. Now, the company is announcing a derivative of the model, which features unique styling inside and

Post by Lidia Todorova on 30 October 2014

Volkswagen Golf R is the safest car on wet roads

Drivers in the Northern Hemisphere of the world now face winter, which always brings months of road challenges that include fog, ice, snow and rain. Most people will keep on dr

Post by asyovchev on 23 October 2014

Volkswagen Revealing Fox Pepper and Saveiro Surf at the Sao Paulo Auto Show

At the Auto Show in Sao Paulo Volkswagen will reveal two exclusive new models: Fox Pepper and Saveiro Surf. The Fox Pepper is a spicy mini concept based on company’s sub-Polo hat

Post by Lidia Todorova on 20 October 2014

Volkswagen Auctions First e-Golf Before Official Sale in November

The first electric Volkswagen e-Golf is going to be auctioned before its US market debut in November this year. Volkswagen of America and Global Green USA has collaborated together

Post by Lidia Todorova on 14 October 2014

MTM T400 based on Volkswagen T5 Multivan Comfortline

MTM has presented their latest creation – T400 based on the stylish Volkswagen T5 Multivan Comfortline powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder TSI engine. The VAN comes with sty

Post by Victor Ivanov on 06 October 2014

Volkswagen XL Sport is Powered by Ducati Superleggera V-Twin Engine

Volkswagen XL Sport Concept is being shown for the first time at the Paris Auto Show today. This vehicle is a lightweight sports car, based on the XL1. Just like it, the XL Sport w

Post by Lidia Todorova on 02 October 2014