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2016 volkswagen passat and what it has to offer

Volkswagen of America announced the debut of the 2016 Volkswagen Passat: the midsize sedan, especially crafted for America and its lifestyle. The vehicle was created in the state-of-the-art factory in Chattanooga, Tenn. and offers incredible blend of design, space, class-leading technology and flexible drivetrain system. So, let's check out what else does it have to offer. Style 2016 Passat offers sharper lines and overall aggressive appearance than its predecessor with the redesigned hood, fenders, grille, bumpe

volkswagen tiguan gte concept is ready for the road challenges!

The first plug-in hybrid SUV by Volkswagen, the Tiguan GTE Concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt IAA. This vehicle comes with a total of 228 hp (160 kW) and goes to up to 50 km in the special "E-Mode" which offers complete all-electric zero-emission smooth drive. This relatively long driving range b

which are the benefits of 2016 volkswagen golf cabriolet?

2016 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet has been just revealed and it has a lot to be proud of. For the new model year, the car gets way sportier exterior, new colors in its exterior color palette and more refined interior. And did you know that VW’s Golf-based cabrio is one of the most successful open-top cars currently on t

jms releases tuning kit for volkswagen passat

JMS Volkswagen Passat 3C B8 is this week’s suggestion by the talented German tuners. After we have seen the exquisite BMW 5-Series Facelift, it is now time to take a look at the makeover of another German-made legend: the Passat. The work here is very similar to the one done to the BMW, so if you want to remind yourself what the tuner has revealed last week or to just make a comparison, please click the link below. SEE ALSO: Simple but Charming: Meet JMS BMW 5-Series Facelift  Tuning Program for the Newest P

rfk volkswagen golf mk 5 in pure gold?

RFK Volkswagen Golf Mk 5 is dressed in bright color that mimics pure gold. The project has been conducted by the tuning specialists at RFK Tuning, who are based in Germany. The car did not receive only a shiny exterior but there are also some other modifications that need to be addressed, like the new suspension, contrasting wheels and engine tuning. Let’s see why this Volkswagen looks so charming and which were the exact steps of achieving this effect. Step 1: Striking Color The exterior co

2015 volkswagen golf concept shows what confidence means

Volkswagen demonstrates a special concept vehicle, based on the seventh generation Golf. It is a 330 hp (242 kW) machine, constructed with accordance of all TCR regulations. And in order to accelerate the creation of the vehicle, the Golf concept will be tested in special conditions before and after the upcoming 2016 r

hg-motorsport volkswagen golf gti and polo gti can beat porsche 911?

HG-Motorsport must be very proud, because they have just released not one but two dynamic cars. The “double act” is represented via two Volkswagens, Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI and Polo 6C GTI, which have gained significant boosts in terms of power and torque. Some styling enhancements also complement