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Prior Design News

godzilla is back: meet prior-design’s 720hp nissan gt-r

Nissan GT-R is undoubtedly on of the best sports cars on the planet. I sincerely think that there isn’t a car enthusiast who would not want to drive this emblematic vehicle. And it is always a pleasure when we see some good GT-R conversions. Remember the Liberty Walk Nissan GTR, for instance? Well, this time the t

mercedes-benz sls amg receives one-off prior-design aero tuning

The tuner Prior-Design has surprised us with a new and extreme project. After a long and silent time, the specialists have finally released a car which is worth the attention. This time under the spot is the emblematic gull-wing Mercedes SLS AMG. The car alone looks fantastic, but after the addition of the PD widebody kit, it surely turns heads. The sporty and elegant car was actually teased in the middle of February, when the tuner released j

meet the better version of mercedes sls amg

Are you driving one of these spectacular Mercedes SLS AMG vehicles? Now you have one more reason to celebrate the exclusivity of the car because Prior Design has developed a kit which will give your precious automobile a style to remember! Dubbed PD900GT Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit for Mercedes SLS, the pack will be available from the 20th of March, 2015. The kit is crafted out from quality Fiberglass-Duraflex materials which are defined by a superb surface finish. The latter offers notable flexibility mixed wi

chevrolet corvette stingray c7 with a devilish smile

If a car could eat you alive, this one would be the first one to do it. Along with your clothes and shoes. Bones would not be a problem at all. Bestowed with a rigid, vicious and ruthless look, the redesigned Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 transforms into the black sheep in the family. Touched by Prior-Design, this

prior-design releases new styling kit for mercedes-benz s-class w222

This Mercedes is a true masterpiece of the tuning craftsmanship. The tuners at Prior-Design have made the appearance of the new Mercedes-Benz-S-Class series even more dominant and elegant, and sportier! They have developed an exclusive body kit dubbed PD800S for the flagship model. As a matter of fact, this conversion will probably lift the company onto the elitist Mount Olympus of the Mercedes tuners. Starting with the front of the model, it

prior-design black edition v3 widebody aerodynamic-kit for mercedes s-class [w221]

The previous generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-class (W221) has gained a new wide bodykit (again). Prior Design has taken it up a notch and the older (yet, not really that old since it was only redesigned this January) model of Merdeces S-class (W221) dynamic and aggressive look has now been made slightly more menacing. In a good way of course. Keeping up with their tradition and like most of Prior Design’s kits, this product is made fr

prior design pd6xx based on bmw 6-series gran coupe

Prior Design has published more nice pictures of their latest project based on BMW Gran Coupe (F06). The luxurious four-door coupe has received a full wide-body aerodynamics package – PD6XX as well as unique interior. The complete PD6XX Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit includes: PD6XX WB Front Bumper PD6XX W

prior design bmw m6 grancoupe - 659hp and 820nm

Prior Design has unveiled their latest project based on the powerful and stylish BMW M6 GranCoupe. The name of the project is PD6XX and as you may suggest, it is the amount of power delivered by the engine. The exterior boasts a new front bumper, a ventilated front hood and a pair of extended side skirts. There are also wider fenders (front and rear) as well as a ventilated rear bumper, a new rear spoiler and a high gloss black rear diffuser. Other highlights include a set of 10.5J x 20” front and 12.5J x

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