2019 Prior Design Toyota SupraToyota Supra remains one of the most prominent Japanese sports cars. Especially the fourth generation form the 1990s. However, the new lineup, or more popular as the fifth generation brings some goodies and changes that seem to be well-accepted by brand's die-hard fans.

However, there were few that wanted even more. For example, engineers at PRIORDESIGN. The guys have decided to create an exclusive exterior body kit that gives new Supra some more expressive stance and a neat boost of aerodynamic features.

The concept design provides a good impression of a wide body proportions. There's a new skirt and a large air itaker for the front-end. Another highlight is the front spoiler lip with side flaps and a new bumper that significantly contributes to the widening of the body at the front. Furthermore, there's a central air outlet and beefy new expression by the four-piece fender add-ons on the rear axle and rocker panel blade attachments that take up the whole new width. And let's not forget about the sexy and super-large, fixed spoiler on the trailing edge, which provides the perfect finish to the body language.

Also available is another package that comes without widening the fenders. It is a high-quality kit that offers glass fiber Duraflex mixture of carbon, which is perfect for the in-house autoclave.

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In order to complete the elegant and sporty appearance, PRIORDESIGN team has included a set of high-quality multi-piece own-brand rims. These come in dimensions of 19- to 23-inches and can be specified with individual finishes. And to top it off, PRIORDESIGN equips these with Continental high-performance tires. Sweet!

2019 Prior Design Toyota Supra

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Prior Design Toyota Supra (2019) - picture 2 of 2