Kia America has unveiled the final edition of the previously announced four specially styled 2010 Souls, aimed to demonstrate in full the wide range of customizing options and flexibility that the stunning model is offering. Named Ghost Soul, the newly styled urban ride shows in completely new way the unique personalization options so inherent to it and mixed with the safety and technology features of the standard equipment.

Michael Sprague, vice president of marketing, KMA shares: "With the Ghost Soul, we are again offering consumers another unique personality for the Soul while emphasizing its design flexibility. The Ghost Soul builds upon the success of previous 2010 special edition Souls, which have been well received by consumers for their versatility and unique styling. "

Just like the rest of the specially dressed Souls, the all-new Ghost Soul draws its basis from the Soul+ model and further adds Audio Upgrade Package (center speaker, subwoofer and external amplifier).

On the inside, its cabin renders premium feeling thanks to the leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob as well as the black leather-trimmed seats with seat warmers, which pleases the driver and passengers with additional luxury and comfort. Metallic and chrome accents backed by front fender vents with side marker repeater lights and speaker lights that pulse to the beat of the music further add to the Soul's unique personality.

On the outside the impact is strengthened by a body kit, moonroof, fog lights and black 18-inch alloy rims with machined accents, which complete remarkably the special edition Soul's special packaging.

The 2010 Kia Ghost Soul is price tagged at $19,490 with a five-speed manual transmission.

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