The third generation of Suzuki Swift will go on sale in the UK in the Autumn of 2010. Suzuki held the world premiere line off ceremony today for mass production of the new car at its Magyar Suzuki Corporation production facility at Esztergom, in Hungary.

The new version of Swift is targeted as Suzuki's latest world strategic model and makes strong developments in styling, impact safety, driving performance, handling, improved fuel consumption and significantly lower emissions.

The whole body is lighter and stiffer. The small car grew with 90mm in length and 50mm in wheelbase. The impact safety is also improved for occupants as well as the pedestrians. 2011 Swift has increased track and larger diameter wheels with lower profile tyres allow for even better handling than the already highly acclaimed Predecessor that first went on sale in 2005.

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Inside the small car is also improved by adding black as its keynote colour with accents of silver throughout the interior.

2011 Suzuki Swift is powered by a new 1.2-litre petrol engine featuring Dual VVT (Variable intake and exhaust valve timing). The engine delivers 94PS at 6 000rpm and 118Nm of torque at 4 800rpm. This small engine makes 56.5mpg for the manual transmission model. The harmful emissions are only 116g/km on the combined cycle.

The diesel engine available for 2011 Swift is 1.3 litre, which goes 67.3mpg and emits 109g/km. The power unit meets Euro 5 regulations.

More information and pictures will be released later this month. Price list is not available, yet.

New Swift

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Front Track

1,480mm (16-inch wheels)


Rear Track

1,485mm (16 inch wheels)